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ANN ARBOR FRUIT FARM, Peáis and Grapes aSpeeialty All kiuds of Fruit, Ornamental Trees and Flowers, from Ellwanger and Barry. Order early by mail. Syrups, Medicinal Wiues, Raspberry Hyrup, Boneset, Dandelion and other Domestic Grape Wines, prepared especiallyfor invalids. Pure Plymouth Koek KgKEMIL BAUR, West Hu ron St., Ann Arbor. Onlike the Dutch Process % Ko Alkalies Jflfi Other Chemicals ffljl II JWJL are used in the ill II Wk preparation of fJl.BaWCö.'s Breakfast Gocoa, which ia absolutely pure and soluble. It has more than ihrec times the ttrengih of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, and eaíilt DIGESTED. Solci by Crocers everywhere. W. Baker & Go., Dorchester, Mass. For twenty-five veaT? the experience of milliona of sr.fferers, oiti and yoniif.', m&lc ííh'í iemale, have gratefully endorsed the roiracnloua virtuefl of Thïs Pliarmacentlcal Paradox of the Age A vitalizing stimulant without al cohoL A iiervs sedativa without narcotica. A blood purifier without poisons. A liver cleancer. A purely vegetable tissue-maker, promoting digestión, nutritioc, eeeretion, excrstion and respiration. A ife-givingtonic, puro end simple, without tha disast rotia reaetions of the deadly corapounds of rum and alcohol usually EOld as bitters. Was cever kncwn Tsefire Ia the World. lts discovery amons; the medicinal fruits, rbote and herbs of Caiüuraia WAS A MIRACXE, ana their ccnibination into a phenomenal lifa giving tonic A TEIUarPH of the CHEMICAL ART. The cnly chango mado in Hio formula during tweïiiy-five yoars Las been t lrescnt it ín twa COmbinatiODB. Thf tiiil oritrinal remain r.F.chanped, but being strocger, more laxative an'l better. A new form more aieeable t.o tha taste aad better adapted to Lelicat iconen and fiilfit-en. but comprising the same tonic proporties, is ncw made and the erin, re. of tlie tfuj'lti s cUalUitttU to prodnes the cijual of this XnCLY &. OXLT TEMPEEEÏ.'CE EITTEP.S KNOWS or to produce apnrely vegetable bitters or medicina ?f any kind, whnse action is at once so sat'Q, so certain and comprehensivo as the CALIFORNIA VÏN2&AB BITTEE3, or any oomponnd v.-hirh fro.'n its varied actioa uiou tho yttsJ iunctious is equul li tlie CURE OP EO MAMY DISEASEa Thir nr?rae is lecion - Eher.matism, ïienraïgia, 3starrh, ,].urni"e, Kfdney Iis,-ase. Serofula, Skia Wsi-ss,sr.:iilBo:!s. Consiimplion, Piles aud al] disorders üris-ing frora indiBfteUon, impnre blood ns protretinn, nd dünpWated constitution S-oro any canso pive way to it like mist before tha Bun. v.ljiio its ei u pillar power ov-r THE DEADLY MICROBE AND OSIXIPEESENT BACriEIUA indirates its Fi-ppriorify in all disc-aees of malariaZ origin, tndrenderalt the EEST TEE3IIFUGE KNOWU. No family can afford to do without a bottlo of OLD AND NEW STTLE VINEGAR BITTERS n the house, as eipressed by thouaands of teatmonials. Bend for beautiful book. AddreM, K.H. üïcDOXALÜ DRUG CO.,' New Yodtf SASTHMAf SCHIFFWIANN'S Asthma Cure Never fails to give instant relief in the worst cases, and effei-tR curen where othcra fall. Tril Faekuge FKEE of DrngsUto op by Hil.[ !JJr DR. B. SOHIFFMANN, St. Paul, Blnii. the nextmornÍn'g Tfeel bright and new and my complexion is better. My doctor says it acts gently on the stomach, Ilver andkldneys, and isapleasant laxative. This drink is made from herbs, and is prepared for use as easily astea. Itiscalled LAME'S MEDICINE AU druggists sell it at 50c. and 81.00 per paokage. Buy one to-day. Lane's Family Medlrine moves the bovvela each day. In order to be healthy, this ia necessary. Bueklen's Arniea Salve. The best salve In the world for Cuts Bruises, Sores, Ulcera, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chappcd Hands, Chilblalns Corns, and all Skin Eruptions and posltively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price, 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbaeh & Son, and Geo. T. Haufosler, of Manchester.


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