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It is truly afïecting to hear Republicana aud mugwumps bowling at the Miner law, as a "partisan measure." Admit that it ia. We glory in it. It is a Democratie partisan measure tbat brings the election of President nearer to the people,andsecures a more. perfect popular representation. If one half the people of Michigan waut Mr. Harrison and the other half Mr. Cleveland, this law is intended to enable them to suy so. It is therefore democratically partisan. And pray, what is the Republican howl, but a partisan howl on the other side, without a taint of Democracy about it. These men claiming to constitute a few more than half the voters of the state, want all the electors bv virtue of that excess. If they can bribe, persuade, or steal but one more vote than the op position casts, they want to disfranchise all the rest of the stute In the electoral college. That is the Republican partisanship. Doubtless the Democratie legislature expected to gain by the Miner law, but the gain was one of a right. Thu minority has a right to be represented ia the electoral college, aud the Miner law is intended to secure H.-Y,,sitanli Scntincl. It s a democratie measure is it ? Ainid tto demo;r,nir party belleve iu recognizimg the minority ? How was Clevelamd n'oininated at Chicago ? Would he ever have been nominated iKiu il uwt oee.n ior the untt rule- the tra-mpijug umder foot of the minority? How -was ttoe Lree trade plank oí Henry "VYatterson placed iri tli-e democratie platform ? It was done by the unit rute, and anch men as Kenatoj Wallace, of Poiui.sylvania, protested invain that they were mterepresented and theúr rights na fi-ee American cititens ti-amplcd upon ! It i.s sittnply unatlultcratcd gall hu a democratie paper to pose as a "Mena of mímarity repreeentatlon,1 and to prate abnut getting "nearei to tlw." people," alter such act ion by tlie national democratie conven Which being a coiwoltaation of the wisdom of the party, reflecte its ideas and il s poli v. Gi-eater tyramny was never Bhown by tBe czar trf Rueeía than thai die= played by the majori'ty tn that con"Nearer to the people !" "Go to ! A E. Stevensom, the ,- can. flidate tor vtee-preeidemt, was not a' eoldier ju late war, upon eithen eide. His tülr of 'i ;,.„.■■ wa8 Klven tim by reaeon of hu belng lst asslstant poetmaster general tmder Cleveland. "Grover needs to repair h:s boat tor another sail up salt rïver." - Ypilantian. The free silverites will fail to find any comfort ia the platform adopted tibe natiional ileinocratk: convei.tion at Clúca.s'o. llill's name was bilssed in the democratit national convention, by the Clevela.nidite.. Iïut Hill's followers will not be liicsed next ovember when thie polls are open, by thoae jïeatlemeia. Sec. II. Thfe country has alwaya been the reiuge of the oppressed froni every land. Tli above iis Erom the platform of the democratie party, adopted at Ch cago. Xeverth-eless the Chímese must grol The first revolt against Mr. Cleveland comes írom the silver city ei Denver. The Rocky Mountata New$ the teadlng democratie paper of the far west, has deoliaied to support the flesiiy gentleman trom New York, and ;',1 ikii Hy hls name at it mast-head. A little more than a year ago, rcBpomsibte parties pledged to the enÖowment fund of Albion College soma ggr&gSutisng fifty thmisaml dollar.-,om condition iliat eighty thousand ïiKire shiuiold bc raised witliin a giveu time. Duriiiig thie last twelve months the eoiwütion Has been met, with a small surplus, and tlie splendid contrlibutüom to tíbie permanent cndoiiH'in íund avüI be paM. If a man tías no asjiirat hms aftel' tin? pure a-nd sood wlien be is L'5, he s not likely tu poesess thom afterards. Thiere is no aieed to1 wait tili yon are totterimg aad d:salik:d befoi'cí yon make yotir mark. If you are go tag to da a.nything- iix your Idea] ivow and mate tor it at the first opportiuitty. The world (loes not nieai-ure men by thieir years, but by their real, sterling worth of brata and hearS and eharacter.- Saline Observer. The Mimer electoral law has been ai tiirmed by tlie siipreme court. Thi$, togethcr wlth the last legi.-ilature's gerrymanderins écheme, gilves the di J'(,-rcnt districts a chance to choose a represo]ilative who wiil represent his eomatlt-uents ábout as mnch as a man ïn Ai'ri:-a eon:d. vronliln 'tit be betlei- anil chcaper tor the country to ' nize tire poliLual factions into coliomiies by tlwinselves so they eoulii ïsiikrimy ühtemeelvea uut oí extsience f - AVayiie Review. Speakimg cd Une sheariág of Bechel'l locks in th: city, and "üucifer" Dl rand's in Detroit, the Ypsilantian remarks: "Tiiese are oi course awlèsJ act, and the authorities are bound to proiiTi tii.' qiu'er erowd so far ai pnssMili', and unlawful ínter] feremoe witii thm. It sn't liealthy lor iiio eoramumiy, to permit lawlesa .for xu', ciire of lawlessness; luit (uw e-ajinot help feejimg tha,t ti-' sanctiminini:.-. smners desei-ye all tlioy are likily in gO in tliat way." We irjidcr uur ])i-oïound and earnesfi bo thoee lovers of freedom whio iif struggliug-for lióme rule and Bhe greal causé of local self-governnicnt ín Ireland.- Beinööratre platEonn. 80 tlo all freedom loring people oí all partios. The party had n-o word oí gympatany lor the American cit zans ui" Aïi-: ■,in deecent lm their owa ei unit ry, are struggling for theiiri.nlits as Aniork-an oitizens. The synipatliy oxpressed above iis for policy's sake. Tor rotes. Pertians that tv mi.ght gaiia votes h-om that race by' fcreatimg tliiem in a civilized manner. where they have all power In thoir ovr.n hamfl. In the (spirit of the fotinders of our ïovcrmiiMit we cóndem the oppressioa practiced by the Russia-n itovernment upon lts Lutheran and Jewteh suljects and we" cali upou our national Koveiiniment, m tli" intpnt of justice a.rnd lnvmanity, by all jüst and proper efforts for brinc;in; about a cessation of these cnie] peraecutiions in the dominioins of tlw czar, and to secure to the oppressed equal rights.- Demo" (i-at e Platflorm. Very commendable. But before goin.e to Rissia, our democratie friendH sbould take a trip t hrough the soutW ern sta tes and observe gome of the "oppressiiooi practiced" upon native born Americ&n eitizens. Russia wiU proba bly point fcheée gentlemen to ilK'ir own c-ountry's short com;nic., amid -wiitli jastice, too. Boune of the p&peis of the .state are Brlttelsing the authorities of Ann Arbar for pennitting the mob to compei the ald man Bechel to have hls Uair cut amd whtebera t rtomed after th late trial of "Primee Michael." To be mire such scènes are to be regrettcd. bul tlify will happen sometimes in spitte of tne best efforts of Rood cith zem to ttue contrary. I!y the way, dW amy of these criitlcs ever attempt to stoi) a cyclone ? MnnM i k. j ühiimgs and do great damage, but no one can .stop tltem. Ju-st so wlth the whirhvind of public opinión whn iL once geta started. Tliere are ag gravated cases that incensé the pul Lite, and thcy act libe mad men, and nü autliority or law eau Btop them. This was a case tliat touclied the 1 oí honor of the public heart, it fiired the miinds of tlie peoplc wbo lleteoed to the testimony, and wheo man liei-hel tcstïied against hls ywing diaüghter', whose honor he OTlghi tí) defend witli hifi own Ufe, ií a be; they knew that justiico eoulc2 not get at hSm. WhMe they offereil hum tao bodily liai'm, they thought ie proper to compel liim to clean up and appear a man wluether he wa.s ome or not. Xo one regrete the scènes o!' that alght more than do the people l Anu Ai-bor, but they Vel that thfe cenur is a little unjust. Other places, umder similar ci'rcuinstaneimi-ht not have stopped where nu Arbor dli!.


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