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New Yorkers Not In It

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Cast j-our eyes over the list of candiidates of the democratie party foz 1 li e past 30 years and observe tht fatal effect of nomina tilis an eastera man. a New York man in particular: In 1S6-JL, Geo. 15. McClellan, of New Jersej-, öefeated by Abraham LineoLn, of Illinoiis. In 18(58, Horatiio Seyraour, of New York, dvfeated by üljysees i5. Grant, oi Illinois. In 1872, Horace Greeley, of New Yoirk, defeated by Ulysses 8. Grant, erf IllhioiB. In 1876, Samuel J. Tild'en, of New Yurk, delVated by üutherford 1!. Hayee, of Ohio. In 1880, WtafteM Scott Hancock, of Xew York, defeated by James .. Garfteld, of Olifo. ín 1884, Grover Cleveland, of New York, coimted tal by false returns froni the Blum wLurds of ttow Y'ork City, against James G. Blaiine, of Maine. ín 1888, Grover Cleveland, of Now York, defeated by BenjamJn Harrisor, o f Iaullaiia. It will be noticod that the only time tliat the republibams have beeu defeated im tMirty yeare was when they went east for a camdMate, and that Xi'iv York has liad tlie caoKÜdate witíh ane exception, Mi-' Clellan, who lived juoit aeróse the créek from New York- and fchat witii : orne exceptiio.ii they liare been defeatetí ' every time. The battle of 1892 will be a repcttti'oiti of 1888, and the resúlt '11 be the same. The greal wesi will retaln the ppe6idncy, and NYw York will gulp down her usual defeat. Hurrali for the great The name oí H. R. Pattengill, oí Laiisl'ng, is mentioned for the republican nomlnation for superintendent o Kistruetion. W'ith; all due de:erence to otlner worthy candida! i.-, wiicre i.-s there a mam iin the state bet1 1 ■ íittcd íor the place and eme who lías .so maiiv friends ? He is a prince. and everybody believes in him. The Pear's Soap Ctampany believe in advertfetag and tire results show itow well it lias pukl them. The folIowíjiít interes tmi; table shows how profHs inoreased wttb the increase in adviTis-Jng: YEAR. PROFITS. ADVERTISING. 1": L 0."ji„; L31,160 1886 117.562 58,849 1887 „ 128409 8212 1888 153,750 86,491 1S89 149,771 119,9U8 1890 _ 165345 12(i,994 1S91 175,950 108,956 Total _ L9S3,59U LOJ,6G5 Au average - advertiiaiag account pi over iour hundred thousand dollars ne M'i-y remarkable bwsÊittess, and the steady growtli of profits im proprotiwn nu-, lees encouragimg to nêwspaEer advertisri's. Senator Vilas, rif Wisepiain, had ifollowiing good, sound, sensible in-oti't-tive tarifi plank rnserted in the anooratlc platform: "'liini the f duiiida t ion of this govcrnmrr.i taxea ooUected at the cus? tom oouusee have been the chief sourcé of federal revéame. Su-h they must ■oiitiniK to be. Morcovcr, many ir.dustvie.s have come to relv uiJO'n isla t lom far successful continuance, se tliat amy eha.nge of law must be at every step regardful of tln labor a.nrt capital th'u.s involved. ïlie process of reform must be subject in. the execu-tion of this plan díctate of justice.' But Henry TV'atter.'von ai-ose in hta -wrath, and intimated that the soutli om irtng of the demoerats who wert looked to to furnisJi the electoral votes for democratie success, -vouW not stand it. and it was knocked ouï by a mibstitute fax)Ti'ag "tariff for Tcveiiue cmly," by a vote óf 564 to 342. Sooitherners h&ve always beeu f ree traders. Hére is the solwl curre,ncy plank oí tbe late democratie natiional convention, at Chifcago, oji which Oro ver Cleveland stands: "We denounce the republican leKto. lat ion known as the Sfierman act oí 1890, as a cowai-dly makeshift, fraujrht wiith poestbilitlea of danger to the future, whfcli should make ;ili oí its supporters, as well as its author ajixious (lor it.s spewly repeal. V bxA4 bo the use of both gold and silver as the standard nvomey of the coun ti-y and to the cojnaige 'of both gold iml eHver without discrimirmtioii i u-;i iri.-it 'ither metal or charse for miibtage, lmt tire' dollar unit af coin-1 ae of botli metáis must be of equaj mitirmsic and exohangable valué or be idjusted throuRh international agreeu"!it or Ijy sucli safeguárds of lcfii.slation as f-'hall msure the maintenance of the parïty of the two metáis and Ive equal pov-er vS every dollar as all times in the markets' and in the jayment of debt; and we demand ;hat all paper currcmcy shall be kept Tt pair witïi and redeemable in such ■oiin. We iinsist upon this policy a.s pecially necessa.ry for the protecion af the farmers a:nd laborin.c; classes, the fiirst and most defenseless itcttma of nnstable money and a flmoi'atiing curre'ncy." It denounces Senat'Or Sherman ioi lotog just what is approved of, you ootiiee. Xow the questiioti is liow can free !lvir man vote for such a ROld bug )lamk as tlnat. Eeftrred to Hon. John . .Robilsan.


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