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Song Of The Oppressed

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The followiiiig poera was composed by í. C. Jones, a ootared student ia the law departmemt, and read upon the occasiiora. oí the observance ia tlhis city of the National Fast, Prayep and Mase Meeting Day: To the tune o " America." We have a grevious cause For which we do not pause To seek relief : Disloyaltjr Í3 not The doctriue we are taught. For many of us have fought For liberty. We love our race and friends, - All whom our cause deiend, Whom'er they be Once we were bound in chains ; O, awful were our paina, While cruelty and horror reigned In the South Land. Lincoln, that iainted man, With pen ani holy hand Gave us free air: We shall reveré his name ; We'll ever teil his fame, And never will refrain To laud his deeds. Our suffering since we're free Haa been beyond degree In the South Land ; But let us stand like men ; Our righteous cause defeud. And God will aid us then While in the right. Let's have no doubts and fears ; Let's cease our shedding tears : But be brave uien : When under iron heel, And right to might did yield, God gave us a Garfield His aid to lend.


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