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A Lively Scene

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The foltowiiug account of a ltvely Boene in the democratie convention as Chk-ago last week, in which Michigan was imterested, is taken l'roin The' New York Press: At precisely il :20, Governor Abbett begau his Bpeech nonunating Cleveland. At the mention of the eandidate's name, the same oíd theatrical display with the badger banner was atteinptcd. One enthusiast tried to carry it into the New York quarters and chose for his passage the row at the end of which Gen. Sickles sat. The old warrior got np. and catching the man with the buuner, flung him back with an oatli. If you were not crippled " begpn the man. "Aye!:' crled out the General, shrieking with excitement, I am crippled, bilt you aré not, and neither is your eandidate. iioth of yon tookcare not to De; but I ask no qnarter. Bring that banner back, and 111 put you and it whereyouwill neverbothera soldier again." A crowd quickly snrrouuded them, but Sickles refused to be appeased and the Michigauder had to retreat. The galleries were pretty evenly divided, and the place was a bed lam. Between the excitement Abbett uetjueu, mit ne laiKeu simpiy co me gallenes All the leaders were iibout streugthening their lines tmd, the speaker and his uuüience had frequent running yolleys. Mayor Manning of Albauy put out his foot to bar the nisle wííere he sat and the bauuer bearer feil Michigan men were across the aisle in ui instant and it looked as though blows would follón-. General Siekles saifl: ■We in New York are geutlemeu and we do not propoae to be insulted." " so are we," saiil a man from Michigan. "We know how to behaye ourselves." " You cannot oarry that muu's banner across here," said General Sickles, vvaving his cruU'h in the air. " We propose to say who shall be our caudidate. and we do not want to have Michigan ramming their eandidate don-u our throats." The Michigan delégate poured oil on the troubled watei's by saying: "The man was told uot to raise the banner, and he had no right to go over in New York'a delegatlun in any event," and the conflict which threatened blows canie to au end.


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