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A Double Wedding

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The home of Mr. and Mrs. .7. D. WUlïains -is the geiene of a very pleasant and beairtlnil doublé weddiaiH i'Hiinony on Thuirsday afternoon, .Tin ï SOfrh. llev. Mark WJMiaims was maiï'iieil tío JJiss Aniña A Graires, oí Ypsilant!, amd Mias Viola May Williaras was .nivcii in maariage to Mr. AVilliaru I'.laii-, 0t OhJaanbersburg, I'a. The miiistiTs oftiiciatlng wen' tlu licv. il. M. -Moii-oy, pastor of tile Presbytertan clruicli of Visi:lauti, mud Bey. C. Scotï Willlilanis, recent firailuate of l'i-incibom Scmiiniaa'.v. The home was beauJ tiiiïully deoorated witth flowers and the nuuiy pivsiMits rei'eived by botli couples betKikeiied the esteem and best ■wiKlK's ioi their maaiy friends. Only Ómmectiia'te relat ives of the three fami-' lies üttterested wre present. Mr. aiiul Mre. lilair liave none easi 011 theiir weddihig' tour, and will gpeii(3 tiw summer visütiing iriends. Jlr. Mailj WMlïaims, who is a recent gradúate of Amdover Sniuary. Mass., will talttf his brkie to Mtbchell, g. Dakota, where lic wiill begiii hi.s first pastorate oyer tlie First Oomgregatiioiial ohurch et tliat place.


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