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A few ctaye aíter the meeting of the -Society of Ch-riistian Endeavor in New Tork City ttoós montli, onothep great iconvention of young peopleV societiies will moet in oiir Michigan metrópolis. Detroit. Thie is the second iaitt'rnatioiial convention of Baptist yoiwig people's BOCfettefl of the United 8atee and BrJtteh Provmces. Uetween (5,000 and 7,000 young people a ie expected to be i'ii arttendanoe, and many of the ablest men oí the demoinaatton are on the programme. The niovement is a very recent one in the Baptist denomination bu-t lias beeu a remarkably Tigorous and prosperoub one. The most elabórate preparatioms have been made by bye Deti-oit yioamg people forthe eonvention tlif gTeat Kink ha ving been seoured ïoitlhe aneetiaiKs, whlch last from July. 14th to lTth, and a reoeption, ex( iir.-i.ü-, siuivenirs and other features liave l;t'(-:i provkled in addition to thö splenidjd pioi-amnie. Half iave ratea ;iit gramted om thr raüroads.


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