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Thoughts For Collegians

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To the maiinltenance oí' the bighest ideal of human Ufe, three tliings are necessary: First, T'hte ideal must be (teflnitte, personal and real. Chrlstianiity íiaiids This personal ideal in the historie (Tirist. Seoomid, the ideal liíe nnist be Bysbematically eultivated. Clirisi ianity ppovides ïor tliis In lts sacred üteraiure and its regular wovs'hi]). Tliiiid, the ideal Ufe must be snppoi-U'd by enthusiast; ■ associnl ion. Thiks íellowship in the hin'liest aims i th íneaniiiií oí the chu-reh.- Preejdent íiyiiv al Bowdoim. Tlie text wae: "Zachariah, viii.. .": Aimd tlw1 streets of the city hall bu full of boys and girlB playiittg in the treets thereof." Thwc a as. truly the play of love, whc.n the heart íinds its aatiafactlon Ira anotlier beart. This is the play o! 'ainily a.nd social liíe. The mothei )lays with her chHd ats truly as she did wttih lier dolí, but how much deepsr and more intense her joy! In reifti'O'n. we can never be satlsfied wltH th.-n wii'iíli "ve may desafínate as reIgioue play. Gud's .service must Ihcooie a delisrht or it becomes .in o? tense.-


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