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! JÜL! i MOKTH OP m SOTG AT THE IU'sV 1'OItK OF We are the People that Always Make the Lowest Priees. At the Wash Goods Counter We are selling best quality 10c Ginghams at 5 cents a yard. Last week we cut np over 50 pieces of these pretty Ginghams. We are selling choice styles 10c Sea-Side Flannels at 6c a yd. We are selling Sea-Side Canvass Cloth, the 12}Lc quality, l at 6c a yard. Ladies, have you seen tfiose lovely Cliina Silks, 24 inches wide, in light and dark grounds, small figures, worth $1.00, and selling now at 60c a yard? We are selling Black Silk Grenadines, worth $1.00, at 50c a yard. We are selling White Datted Swiss Muslin, worth 40c, at 25c a yard. We are selling Dragon Fast Black Lawns, wortli 15c, for 10c a yard. Some People say Embroidered Flouncings Are not good this season. We have sold during the past ten days over 300 pieces,- more than all the stores in Ann Arbor have sold in three years. Please don't ask where we got them or what we paid for them - they are dirt cheap. Just think of buying 45-inch Embroidered" Flouncings, worth 50c to 75c, for 29c a yard, and 45-inch Flouncings, worth $1.00 to $1.50, for 75c a yard, and 45-inch Black Embroidered Flouncings at 29c a yard . At the Lace Counter We Are Puiling Down the Priees. One lot 9-inch Black Chantilly Flouncings, worth 50c, at 15c a yard. One lot 12-inch Bhick biikCiinntUly Flouncing, worth 75c, at 25c a yard. One lot pure Silk Mitts at 15c a pair. 50 pieces Point D'Irlande Laces at 10c, 15c and 25c a yard. 25 pieces White Victoria Lawns at 6c, 8c and 10c a yard. 50 pieces Twill Toweling at 3)íc a yard. Dressmakers, How Are These Prioes ? DeLong's Hooks and Eyes, 10c a card. Stockinet Seamless Dress Shields, 10c a pair. Rubber Dress Protectors, worth 40c, now 19c a pair. English Satine Silesia, the 25c quality, now 15c a pair. 500 remnants Velveteen, worth 25c, for 10c apieoe. Black Sewing Silk (100 yards) at 5c a spool. Ladies' Shirt Waists. One lot Fancy Waists, worth 50c, at 29c each. White Lawn 'Waists at 75c, $1.00 to $2.00 each. Fine Satine Waists at $1.00 and $1.50 each. Black Gloria Silk Waists at $2.00 each. Fine Surah Silk Waists at $3.50 and $4.00 each. Thousands of yards of Dress Goods and Silks marked downto close out this month. Sehairer & Millen, The Bargain Givers of Ann Areor.


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