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Two years ago the Courier supported the candidacy of Mr. Rich, believing that he was the man best fitted for the office of governor of Michigan. The state convention saw fit to select Mr. Turner as a standard bearer. This paper feit that the convention had made a serious mistake, but it gave Mr. Turner loyal support, as did all of Mr. Eich's friends. Because our wishes were not carried out by the convention, we did not fïnd fault or bolt the ticket. Mr. Turner had no warmer champion iu the state than was the Courier in that cainpaign. But the mistake of the convention was a fatal one, and the party went down to defeat. And now thequestion of governorship comes up agaiu. Mr. Rich is again a candidate. The Courier believes to-day as it did two years ago, that Mr. Rich is the most available candidate the party has for the office of governor. It believes that Mr. Rich's nomination is equivalent to an election. It believes that tlie nomination of 110 other republican is equivalent to an election. If any other caudidate shall be successful in the convention, however, this paper will give that man cordial and hearty support, but the history oí 1890 ought to be a warning to the party. Two years ago there were considerable many kickers in the repubïïcan ranks. There were men who fought a portion of the republican ticket openly and boldly, and souie of these men now appear on the scène advising the republican party what to do. Are such men safe guides for the party to follow ? Will it not be well for the republicana of this county to consider carefully auy step they may take before taking it? The Typographical Union of New York City, known as the big No. 6, by a vote of 500 to 25, endorsed the action of the cotnmittee appointed to attend tlie national republicau convention, with reference to Whitelaw lleid, and thus practically endorses his nomination. This action ought to set at rest the talk of some union men that the typographical union is opposed to Mr. Reid. The Detroit Journal, the leading republican paper of Michigan's metroplis, has some excellent political cartoons of late, and is making rapid advances in the way of excellence. Grover, Grover, No tour years of Grover; He's cnit to-day Aiüd tlvere he'U stay, And never be in oiover. -X. Y. Press. Cleveland & Stevenson! Soniething wrong abo ut tliat jimgle. President HarrlBOO lias appointed Jol W. Fowter. of Indiana, Secretary oí ötete, lm place Oif Mr. Blatne, resiguied. Duriuig flie last two years. gifts amountiug to niare than one hundreil and üeventy-five thousand dollars havj been made to Albion Collejre. The harmony of Tainmany and the Cleveland mugivumps ia somethimg lila tlie liaa-nicwiy af the fox and the chicken. The chicken rested quietly tosiKle the fox. People oíten fight over au empty hiouior and that's what the two men lm rtlie prohibition party who wanted the p.residentinl nomination on thai tivket were up to. The papers all over Europe speak entJiusiastically of the nomiuation o Grover Cleveland ior the presidency. They ai-e unanijiiuns. There are no botters over there. In Europe Grover is in clorer. Tliis Ds the opinión of Ex-Senator Allen ü. Tlmnnan. oí Ohlo, the old Roman, a:nd referred to by our democratie frin-nils aw betog "the noblesí Iíoimui oí tibem all:" ''Benjamin Huiriso.n ík nol au easy man to beat. There ia no lu-se t dieuise that iaet." Tiie selectlon of Mr. AV. J. Campbell, of Illmo:, as chai-rmaii oi the nai iiornal republk-an bommlttee, is a wisa ctooice. He fa au aggreesive man and a hustliing polítician. And he wil] offset any advantage the demócrata may lvave gaiaed by takhig their viecpresidrntiial nominee froin that state. Durlng llie year endiaig June lstv 1892, tlieiT were 107 fires in Detroit resultiwg from the use of keros and gaso'liaie, 73 oí whieh were from kerosene. ThiB is more tJiau iloulile tWe number ior the year prcv UB. Several Uves wère lost also the past year. Kesult of squawbucb oil. Tlie sélleme to románate a state si-.-dtor by th'e coming repübllcan con vcjuion iia being revirad, it is undereood, and wflí be spnmg next week at Sagloxaw. The recent republfcan -in ir mnventi'im at Detroit set down onthat s;-hcme hard, and undoubtedly a like fate awaïta any attempt to revire it. At least BUCh a íate is wliat the écheme deeervës. Gn. Stcvcnson is a ■■dcnioci-at wlio iici'ds mo label," and don't ym foiget it. - Y])s:lanti Sent nel. No. He already ivas a label, tlms; k. a. e. The Hou. James McMillan, the pre.ent siniiir l'nited State.s Senator i'roni Micliinan, Avill cause to be construeted on tlie ifi'otinds of Albion ooilege a bniküiiR' tor a cbemical laboi'atory, wiiirli will be one oí the most complete of iits kimd in the ccnintry. A commktee v:ll at ooce proceed' to get the plaais, and the proposed structurë Will be completed durins 1893. The trustees of the college have airea dy named iit the "McMillan Chemical oratory.'' The Woriji'8 Fair gr-ounds and buildiagB, aoiv nearing eompletion, are so n-mnvned as a most beauti'ful and interestini; speetacle that not only lo irom 5,000 to 12,000 people a day, at a cost of 25 cents apiece, inspoot tQnem, hut a great majority of trave.lers whiQ pass throiugli AjCago, devote a day or more to the same purP'oee. Huödreds oif prominent aneu trom ttoe various states of the Unioff Wave availed themselves of this privilege, auil it i.s not exaggeration to Bay tliat all, without exception, have itean most agreeably surprised at the splendoir and magnitude of what they witfcaeseèd, and have departed very entliusiastic over the bright prosjiects of tlw l'uir. Scveral liundrcd of the i'eturnilng delega tes of the late repula Ixan nati-onal eonvention at Jliniuapolis imspectt'd the viiiileis oí Jackson park whiSte iai Cliioago. Nearly all of the delegates to the democratie don vent ion at ('hieago have done the same. The Expositiiun authorities liave eommitteeis to show visitors about and explain details to thom. The "r?venue reformers," whose ChJtei argument iis that iï the United otates lïadU free trade, we would be a ble to oompet e wiith Great Britaii for a liare of Britten foretgn tracle, may be imtereeted to learn that Eng-, land, w.hose tarLïï system is in full a coid with the democratie "reform' Ideal, iis steadily loslimg her foreijrii trad;'. A review ott Britiah foreign and ((ilonial trilde fcir the ïive miintli-i trom Ja.nnary to June, lmclueive, .shcwi tliat there is a heavy decrease oí üritish exports, as ooanpared with 1890 lamd 1891, and a gUght iuciease in imports. Por the month QÍ Mny the decUane ií exporte ia at the rate of just 10 por cent., as compared with 1891, and of no loss than l'2.05 per ee.nt., as compared with 1890. We glve the figures for May in the scveral yeaire: Exports. 1892 L17,783,9(39 1891 19,744,473 1890 22,940,779 Ivoss hi 1892 compared with 1891 L1,960,504 1890 - 5,156,810 The person who assails the ckurches of our land is au enemy to our free government. p j{ p.- Protection, Reciprocity, Prosperity- the republican war cry. Stanley is finding that running for parliament in darkest England is more dangerous tlian traveling through darkest África. Judge Gresham would not accept the empty honor of a nomination on the peopíe's party ticket. The Judge is a wise man. " Gen." Stevenson was known in Washington, while Asst. P. M. Gen. (where he received his title of " Gen.") as the "headsman." Tliere will undoubtedly be a solid delegation from Washtenaw county for Col. C. V. R. Pond for Auditor General. He is a worthy man, and one who will be not only an honor to the ticket, but will add strength to it. The expenditures of the present congress so far is -$22,000,000 ahead of the first session of the last or " billion dollar congress," as termed by our friends, the enemy. This bids fair to be a two billion dollar congress. When democratie speakers acense the republican party of being responsible for all monopolies, and assert that all monopolists are republicans, would it not be well for them to explain to the people just how it happens that the Standard Oil monopoly is a democratie institution and the monopolists who own it all democrats ? The tide commences to turn already. Col. V. P. Tomlinson, for the past ten years editor of the Kansas Democrat, published at Topeka, lias withdrawn from that paper, and will support the republican national and state tickets. He favored Hill's nomination, is an able speaker and a strong vigorous writer. Ainong the good men being spoken of for the state offices is Prof. S. E. Whitney, of Detroit, for member of the state board of edueation. He is a gradúate of the Normal School, and has been a successful superintendent of schools at Hancock and is now principal of the Cass school in Detroit. A good scholar, familiar with Michigan's school system and a strong republican give him the requisite qualifications for a candidate. The democratie party by its assemjled wisdom at Chicago, declared emihatically against free silver and for ïonest money, and incorporated such declaration in its platform.. And now he United States Senate has passed a ree silver bill, and nearly every democratie Senator in that body voted for it. i ever a party received a slap direct ,hat is one, and if ever a candidate was mzzled to flnd out what bis party folowers believe, that candidate is Cleveand. A cablegram to the daily papersJast Saturdny reads like this : "Lip ton the fondón tea and provisión mere han t, taid tlie other day in a single check to Ier Majesty's customs the suin of nearly w",000." That is a sample of English ree írade. Every poor person who íiiys any of that tea will be forced to ay Lis or her proportion of that tax. Chat is what " tariff for revenue only " means. There is no tariff on tea or cofee in this country. The poor people can enjoy these beverages without payng any tax thereon. Words of Roscoe Conkling, as true tolay as when uttered by him: " Upon ts record and its candidates, the repubican party asks the country's approval, and stands ready to avow its purpose or the future. It proposes to rebuild our commercial marine, driven from the sea by Confedérate cruisers, aided and abetted by f oreign hostility . It proposes ;o foster labor, iudustry and enterprise. It proposes to stand for education, humanity and progress. It proposes to administer the government honestly, to preserve amity with all the world, observing our own obligations with others, and seeing that others observe theirs with us ; to protect every citizen, of whatever birth or color, in his rights and equality before the law, including liis right to vote and to be counted ; to uphold the public credit and the sancity I of engagements ; and by doing these tfainga the republican party proposes to assure industry, humanity and civilization in America the amplest welcome and the safest home." The 8th section of the democratie national platform calis for the repeal of the 10 per cent. tax on all state bank issues of currency. That is a piece of demagoguery. A sop thrown to the state banks ; but it will fail miserably in accomplishing what it was intended to do. It may satisfy the people of the same unscrupulous kind who, when state bauks were allowed to make bank notes, used to go away out in the country to some hardly accessible town, start up a bank, make bilis, get them in circulation and then fail, leaving the loss to be borne by the poor people who might hold them and have no redress, but it meets with the strongest opposition from the thinking bankers and business men of this country, whether connected with state or national banks, the republican or democratie party. There are thousands of poople left in the United States yet who remember well the old wild cat times, when a man could go to bed with a pocket full of good money and wake up penniless, so uncertain was the stability of the banks issuing money. This plank is simply a bid for rascality and a return to those old ways and days.


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