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A Just Proposition

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A resolutton was oífered at the las meeting of the republfoan national oammittee, by Mr. Fese&ndea, appoi-' tianing delégate, hereaïtor, accoröLng bo 111e reputol'xan vote. The propositioai of Mr. Fessenden" was tihat hea-eafter each state slinll !. entitled to ou delégate l'or every 7,000 peprablicam vote cast there-Jn at the precee-dúng presadential electton. amö ome for every .additional fractioa thereof greater than onclialf. Th is would mean a markeil decrease kn the represent ait ion of tl.e soutliiern states iai the national eoi vontlon. The followiaig table, in view of current djscussi'cm, will be found of interest, as 'vt shows the number of delegates eadi state and territory OTWild have om a 7,000 repubücau vote basis, arad tibie effect such a oluange wouW have in the numerical streiifrtli of each delegatton. The first. column i.-i on the Fessendeu ba!e, and the second on the present method: New. Old. Inc. Dee. Alabama S 23 - li Aikansas S 16 - 8 California 18 18 Colorado - - 7 8-1 Counecticut Jl 12 Delaware.. '2 6 - i Florida - - - 1 8 - 4 Georgia i SO -- 20 Idahp - 2 6 - i Illiuois ña 4!S 5 ludiima - 3S 80 S Iowa 30 26 4 Kansas 26 20 B Kentucky- 22 -B „ 4 Loiiisiaua 4 ]ij .. 12 Waine 11 12 - 1 Maryland 14 16 - 2 Mas8achusetta 26 SO -- 4 Michigan-- : 2S 6 Minnesota 20 IS 2 Misslssippl - i 18 - 14 Missouri 34 34 Montana - ;i 6-3 Nebraska 16 16 Nevada I 6 .. 5 New Hampshlre - 7 8-1 New Jersey 21 20 1 New York U3 72 21 North Carolina 19 22 - 3 Nortli Dakotn 4 B - 2 Ohio 60 46 14 Oregon 5 8-8 Pennsylvanla 75 61 li Rhodelslaud 3 8-5 South Carolina - 2 18 .. 16 South Dakota 8 8 Tennessee 20 24 - 4 Texas -18 30 „ 17 Vermont 7 8 - 1 Virginia 22 24 .. 2 West Virginia. 11 12 - l Washington j 8 - 3 Wiseonsiu 23 24 1 Wyoming 1 6 5 Territories. Alasska 1 2 1 Arlaona 1 2 1 District of Columbia 2 - 2 New Mexico 2 6 4 Oklahoma 12-1 L'tah 12-1 Total 809 SKM 79 167 The old argument that the inembere of a party liiváag in district!, wBiere they are in, the minority woris ju.-t as haifd and are ontitled to as great representation as republicana in majorilty districts. will be brought up agato.. It te an unjust argument, hiowever. MSaprilties do not work as hard as mnjontics, except in rare insta iv es. Wtoere amy party ie in a hopelees iniuioriiy tJne ïneinbers of that party are quitte apt to argue with theinBélpes tfluiis way: "My vote will mot lo amy" g'ood, anyway, so I wiül not take the troubie to go to the polls aimd caist it." And tluey do not go a.n:d vote. If tluiis is cli-amged, a.nd the basis oí represeaitatioin in conventions, plac cd upon the vote of the party, theii tibiere will be an incentive íor all the eiectars oí the party to go to the is that not truc ? Is that not trae ? In the nati.onal eonvention of to-day the state of Georgia, has 26 delegates, ■rh:ie the state of Michigan., that castt' inore republioan votes In one cor.greesSomal district than is cast in the -niiole state of Ceorg-ia, has only 28 üelegatcs. Is thiere amy justix im that ? Under the propoSed apportionmeni Mk-hig-an 'would hare 34 delegates mad Georgia but 0. And that would be justice. The state of Texas that gives anywliere ifrom 100,000 to 150,000 óemccratic majoritj' botv has 30 delégales wlnile Maesachueette, reliably republica.n hias only 30. These esttanates beimg nnade on the last president iai vote. Did any of our churches, or any influence emanating from them, ever liarm a woman or child ? Abolish the churches and their influence for good, and wliat would become of the poor, deluded individuals who inveigh against thern? X Aspiiair.s for honors in the athlet5te field will fihd many valuable hints and explanatrons of how a world's cxchampion attaiincd hie success, by reading Maloolm W. BVwd's article ou ■Shot-])utting" in Outing for .Tuly. Illuiitrations fro-m pihotograplis show the styles of tire most famous perfoa-mers at the Kaine. The briightest and most wltty crit:cisins on America and Americana which has appeared im years, will bö fotind Sn tihie July Aireña, It is (rom the pen of Mr. J. F. MuiThead and V enti'tled "A Briton's impressions er Amenta. It i wliolly devoid ot toe blttemess so often dhlaractertetiC o BngüBtl ■ riticisins. The next number of Harper'e Bazar will to'ntaiin a peculiarly lnteresting artiel-e by Laureruee Hutton, entitlcd "On Oertato l'ortniii Insei-iptions," aleo the cmitfcniiation of the novel and very practical series of papers cea "Botany as a lïeirrat ion," by Caroline A. Oeevey.


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