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A Remarkable Case

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One oí t'he most wonderful surg ea.l operatiioiis that has ever been per'fonned, was aecidenitally heard oí by a Ooairier reporter the otlier day. aaid lie feels justiiiied in making it toown to the public. A man carne fro tthe Unlversifty hospital nome weeks ago, su'ííerlng traca spasms, often Jiaving tliem a.s frequently as ewry Ihour. It was noticed that beiore eacli apa-sm, certain museles of tbe ïaee commoinced twitehiiiK. Drs. Nancrede aind Darlimg followed the miiscles aloing the face, and up to the head, locatiing the spot that they tlvought caused the trouble. Tlie mainner oí tracing the nerve and locating the troruble was in this war. The bnUn. was exposed, and then touched with an electrlc current. iBy toticluimg one part the nerven of itBie an wiill be afíected, and a twitcnímg &f the museíes there be eaused; anotiher part would effeci tihe eyes, amother the mouth, and 80 on. ,Wlhen they oame to the dteeased place it was made eident by the twitctoüig öi the nen-es oí the face. Alter ttoöroiighly conviincimg themeelves thiat they right, tlie Dr. too'k out a part ion of the skull, removed som oi the braim matter, re placed the tissues removed, and awaK' ed results. The resulta were excellent. The patiënt had no more spasms amd commenced recovering h!.s health at oince, and is ikw a well man agaim. There te ome man in the country Who believes in the use of thesurgeon's knife, and in the skill of Dr's Naincrede amd Darling in knowing irow to haaidle t.t. A plum grower of twenty years experiiemce witüi plum rot, writea a' hortiieu.lture pa-ier ;xs follows: Upoa close exaani'natton I found, after lostog teeveral crops, that the mischie was öome by ash-ants. Upon learr.img thiis, I c-at afooiit for a remedy. I tried spritnklmg table salt withln a radiiua of tJiree ieet around eacli tree except one. TMs provod a success -ajid it eitlwer destroyed or drove 'oii tlie li'ttle aai'jmals that did the miscMif, Tiz., the little ash-ants, whlcj stay to tlie groxwid at night. Xo doubt ma.ny of your patronü have notiwd -these little pests going up a,n.d iHoAvn the trunks of tlie trees, never '.suspect tut; th harm they wert dotog. 'Tiiere are Beven different tribei u f afiHs. I use salt for all of these plagues. Spraymiiï, im my judgraent, imjures tlie fruit aiiil damagea the foüiage.


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