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Real Estate Transfers

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S. C. Merithew, by e. c. c to Thomas D. Kearuey, Superior $ 1 Mary Sllerman to Charles Kingsley, Ann Arbor '. 1,900 A. H. Markham to II. C. Markham, Aun Arbor - 1,240 Same to same '-í Sume to same 118 E. B. Hall to J. G. Pray, Anu Arbor 500 E. B. Hall to Joseph Pray, Anii Arbor 3,000 Ubbie A. Stone to A. H. and M. A. Mensing, Chelsea - - 825 D.B Brown to M. M. Wilder, Ann Arbor, 1,000 A.G. Crane et al. to A. Craue,Bridgevater, Joseph Martin by sheriff to H. L. Bishoff, Aun Arbor '. Chas. M Fellows to Geo. M. Kuhl, Sharon, 921 Mathias Saley to Wm. Keru, Manchester, 78( J. T. Melutyre to Charlotte Rawsou, Ypsilauti : 1,500 S.P. Jewett to Jacob Bessinger, Anu Arbor 475 Olivia B. Hall to B. F. Schumaeher, Aun Arbor 1,600 W allace, Clark et al. to Fred S. Davis,Ypsilanti 600 Jacob by ex'r to ('has. Tessmer. Ann Arbor 675 W. D. Tuttle to J.aud E. A. Russ, Augusta, : Jacob Sturni to Chas. Hertier, Saline 2,000 H. J. Brown to Khoda Fuller, Anu Arbor, 1,400 Esther Bliss to August DeFnes, Ann Arbor 2,500 Theo. Parker by ex'r to E. S. Prudden. Webster __ 450 Fauny F. Beckwith to Alice W. Tait, Anu Arbor _ 5.000 Fanny F. Beckwith to T. J. Keech, Anu Arbor _ 100 Corliss & McLanghlin to E. P. Cook, Ann Arbor -- 12o A.W. Hamiltou to Elijah Rorabach, Ann Arbor 900 Ella Welen to Henry Coe. York 300 T. J. Keech to F. F. Beekwith.Anu Arbor, 3,338