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iV More Iloudarlies. XXI St., Mich., March 8, 1891. Befcre using Pastor Koenig's Nerre Tonic my fri!& suffered frora nervoas beadaches and chost troubla. After usiiig thle romedy both have ceased. A. NECGEBAÜEE. N. Amherst, Ohio, Feb. 28, 1891. For over 2 years I had epileptic fits several times a month. Since I usnii Pastor Koenig'B Nervo Tonic I have not had au attack. l"he medicine is verygood. AUGUSTA UKAVES. (Pek Eev. J. Bomeb.) New Haven, Ind.. March 2. 1891. My nerrons system was oompletely run down, and I was so nervoua and weak that I was oonüned to ïny bed ior 2 years. I ueed Pastor Koeni's Nerve Tonic and ara now eutirely well ünd doing my owq housework. MBS. J. D. BICKKL. nirr" Valuable Book on Nervon t tV Í4 Diseases seut IVee to any address fl W and poor iiiieiits can also obtai I s tinta tliis medicine free of charge. Tliis reinedy has been prepared bythe Reverem Pastor KoeniK, of Fort Wayne, Xnd., sílice XSÍ6, anc is now prepared underiiis üirectioa bythe KOEN C MED. CC, Chicago, Eli. golcíbrOrussrísts at SI per Boltlc. 0forS3 Xarse Siize, .75. G Bottles for 9. FQRMENONLY YOÜNG MEHOLD MEN # CET IN THE TCIIS OF THE SEÜFtNTS QF O1SEA5E 'C n ) Tbey make heroic efforts to frse themselvcs V - i--, but not knowing bow to succeasiall] VfC,ySHAKEOFFTHE HORRID SNAKES "iC. they giTe iip in despair and pink iotr ao earl ft NJ N. graTC What ut EUItOK There U UELP I vWiftVvos oür NEW B00K LsX'Vv'' HuN ƒ f forallmïtcd tïme.explio 7 - WN V7 Vs,l"i thophilosophyoíDiíeas I N 'V JtV -'Ï7i and Affiictloni of tfca V 91 JÍKnVa ƒ Organs of Bïaa, and how by S'JXrW HOME TREATMENT, XTTSot I iNfl iffil bymathods excluiively ouï kV )v l M own, the worst oase o 4J_VS ■JAIaIP Lost or Failing Manhood ■7 pkÏL Qenerl and Nervona De U__l} bility, Weftkness of Body " f und Mind, Effect of Errori or Exceises, Stunted or fibnmken Organi can be Cured. Beneflti in a day HowtoEnlargeandStrengthenWEAK.TJNDEVELOPED C&O ANS A PARTS of BODY made plaln to all interest ed. Men testifv from 50 Stata, Tenitorici and Fortign Coantriea Tou can write them. Por Book.full explanfttioD and proofa, addreis ERIE MEDICAL CO. BUFFALO.N.Y. CARTERS! Ci 1PË S ■ A.HI Bick Headacheand relieve all thotroubles Indient to a bilious Btate of the system, Euch as Dizziness, Ktiueea, Drowsiness, Distress after pating. Pain in the Sido, &c. Whilo theirruoat remarkable succees has been ehown in curing Heaöache, yet Carter's Littlo Llver Pilis are oqually valuable in Constipation, curing and preventing thia annoying coraplaint, whilo they also correct ail disorders of the b tomach.Btimulate tha H ver end regúlate the bowela. Even if they only Achethey wonldbe almoBtpricelesato tbose who euffer from this dietreesing complaint; brfl fortunately thcirgoodneasdoes notend here.aud thcso who onco try them will find these little pills valuable in eomany wayethat they vrill uot bo wiïling te do without them. But af tjr allsick head ACHÍ Is the bane of eo Eiany livea that hero la whero wernake our great toast. Our pilla cure it while ethers do not. Carier3 Litde Liver Pilis are very small and very easy to take. One or two pill3 mako a dose. They are strictiy vegetable and do not gripe or jmrge, tratby tlieir gentío action ploaeeall who use them. In vialsat 25 cents ; fivo for $1. Sold Uy druggista everywhero, or sent by mail. CARTER MSDICINE CO., New Ycrk. SMALLPILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE nmh ds e f f enbacïts II3ffl PR0TAG0N CAPSULES; ivJC Sure Cure 'or k Men, as S'sr__gLC vyoyea by reporta oí leading phy. tfy'-'M 7 Pician8. State nge in ordermg. Kl fitQ KH 5'Price, S1. Catalogue Frcc. fSfil _feSfc öiófll O á% A safe and speedy 1 VUièmÊL 99 Kt cure for Gleet, jBa 1 IW Stricturc and all WÊÊÊR'nttSB& innatural discharges. I'riceSS. mW iREEKSPECIF!CiiToso3lJ maaB'r Wand Skin Dlseases Scrofnlons Sores andSypMHtlc Affectlons, with ent mercury. Price, 8SS. Order from THE PERÚ DRUG & CHEMICAL GO. L%, 18 Wiaoonain Street, MILWATJgEE, WIS. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S 3AKERY. GROCERY. A N D FLOUR AND FEED STORE. ft'e keep eonstantly on hand BREAD, CRACK r'Als. CAKE,, etc, for Wholesale and retail trade. We shall also keep a supply of SWIFT & DEUBKL'S BEST White Wheat Elour! OSBftRN'S GOLD DUST FLOUR. EUCKWHEAT FLOUR, COK.V MEAL, FEED. ate., at Wholesale and retail. AKeneral stock of SRÖCERilS ñi PEOVISÍUNS Constantly on hand, wblch will be sold on a reasonable terms as nt anv otlier hotise in the City. Cash paid for BIÏTTEK. EUGS, and COUNTEY PKÜDUCE geueraily. Goods delivered to any of tlie city without extra charge. RINSEY & SEABOLT. Teachers' Examinatiqns. Examinations oí teachers in Washteaaw county, ior the ensuing school year, will be held as lollows: The regular examination will be held each year om the first Thursday ï llarch and August ut the county eeat. Applicants for all grades can only be examined at these dates. Special examinations will be held at: Ann Arbor, last Friday of Aug., '92. Ypsilanti, last Friday oí Sept., '92. Ann Arbor, last Friday of Oct., '92. Ann Arbor, last Friday of Mar., '93. MARTIN J. CAVANAUGH, Coro. Conigressmen Springer, Burrowe and Watsoin dilscuss t'h'e panding presider.tial campaign through democratie, rcljublicaai anl people's party glancerf 'n th July Arena.


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