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The Roban Hood of Vermont is the tiitle aptly given to Bthen Allen by the Venmmt historian, the late Henry Hall, wh'ose I,ïfe of Bthen Allen is to be publi.-hed hnmediately by I. Á'ppietan & Oa. Por many years Jir. Hall was ongaged !n a searcli for material regard'Jng the lr:e of his subject, one ot' the hoidest , In-avest, and most pictapesque figures in American history. Tüie autlicr lias(fouiwl that the character of Kthe-n, 'Allen has been often misco.nistrued and misrepresented, anii this boak lic has ondeavored to dcSoriibe the man as he really was. The result ie a volume wlricli reads like a' romance, presenting as iit does, vivid pietures of the Green Mountain Boy.", the dramatic capture of the Tk-oindero? ga, the attack on Monti-eal, lile in Brit-jsh prisoins, and the curious negotiati'anis regardiig the independente cnf Yermont. The aim of the authoi lias been, however, to delict Allen's perso'iialiity, amd to tJiirow some ncw liiclit upon the character of one who h-an been wften viiolently assailed. Allen's cnvn letters" hiave been freely drawn upon. The maes of material Whiieh has beeri examined has included matter not utilized before, and the result is an impartial and careful picture -of Allen's asswiiations, and habits of thought and action, which, it is beliieved, eau not be neglected by Anierk-ains imterested in the history of their own country. The diseo"very oí a New World is perhap.s as ■vorthy a subject ior a, great Epic as the Hilad of Hoimer or tiiv ABmeM of VirgLl. Messrs. S. C. Grriggs & Oo., of Chfcago, have now ïiil pviss a work by Samuel Jefíersom, F. R. A. S., F. C. S. emtiltled, ToluinbBfi, An Bplc Poem," which purports t'O g-;!ve au accurate liilstory of the (heit Diseovery ín Rhymed Hero-ie Verse. It is Kaid to ba a masterly treatmeiit of the subject; the authrr in liepicting tJie trials of Columbus at the C'ourt of Spaiai and on board h'd i'-i'i. evimcilng trui' poetical si1'1'". and noldy sustaininu' tluoiighout the Khythm and Fiire oí Historie Verse. A fiine portrait of ('oluinbus and nu accurate represeintatiion of hjs caravel, tlie "Samta Maria," enrich the vol umie. "Cjnthy's Jw," by C'laira Sprague Rosb, in Outimg July, is a patliet1B picture of the loves aimd sorrowa o? the pcror and t h e world'a stern treatïnent of the repentant jail-bird. The anunber is a. iery strong one and beautiu'Uilly illu.sirated.


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