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Llama fe bo tare a braae band. The M. C. R. B. te beautiíyins Ita grouonds at Chelsea. Sneak 'thteves have been getting iü their work at Dexter. Over 50 hay teddere have been wold by Ohelsea dealers thiis season. New paint Ivas beautüired several oi Dexter's tmsimeea blocka recently. . Tlve common council of Dexter haá oi-dered all dogs- feur legged onesmuzzled, oax penalty oí death. John Tate breaks the record ajraiu by s1iea.r;ing the heavieöt yearling of tie 'seaso'n. Weiglrt of fleece 24 1--' pouiiwJs.- SaldtQe Obaorver. Farmers report tihat the extreme -vvet weather a rottiimg the graas and wHl prove oí seriiouri damage to the hay crop.- Ctoelsea Herald. Dexter Has iwught more wool tira year tlvan at any time for many yeará past. Anotlwr proof that out towu ís looking up.- Dexter News. Last week liglitraimg struck four diffen'iit places on F. A. Bu'rkhart's farm. The last time it struik nis windmüi. doiing considerable da-maffe.- Chelsi-a Herald. Eer. iTlnomas Holmes was the only Ctoelsea imam to look after the ii trests "of fh!e democrats of this place at the eonvention at Chicago las' week.- Standard. WJiiát tío yoni euppose the Xortli Lake oarrespomdieiit of tlve Oheteea Standard Snea.M by tinte item: "Tliö boys will perhaps take their ambroUas next Suwday TCning as tibe rain last Suaiday, compelled tiltem to po home in the bright light of the morning sim!" A Tiian over in Cone lost tuis poc-Icet ook lamid ffot out a warrant for a eig'hbor, an-d by the aid of the waramt and after aeardbling the neiigl.or's 'lnouse, fouind the missing wat et te luis own houw. It is the neighjot's tunHiMïow a lne bolds both bowrs 'aniid ome trick in. - Dundee Reporter. Thre 'was a report circulated oa' the "streets Monwlay morning that the wind 'had blown over JamJeson's barn. Sreral amxtous frnd.s went in thaC diirec-tiio.n, Vt is said, t'o ascertain the ruth of tbe report. After investí gatirng the y eonteliidied tliat they ha ee.n 'mad'e tbe victima oí a huge jok whI tlmt "tKe wind" and not the baru tad blown over.- Wayne Review. Prof. TV'aiker is packing his liouseíold goods preparatory to biddinn areivell to Dexter. Durimg hitó cooi íeetion vi-itli the schools here the )ast two years, the Professor has laored assWuoaisly for the welfare 0 the pupils and the exellent conditiou of the schools shows that hi.s work ïas aio-t been In vain. He takes witli iiion. the best wishes of the parents uid puiiils ïor his future suceess.- Dexter News. (school il3 setting to be (iiiite loted and draws many foreign scho ws who speak very tighly of the management and tharoughnesss of eacj department. It stands each, member oí the district in hand to see that the standsng of our sclvool is not lowered hl tlve mtoda of outsiders as that wouM be ruimous to our suceess. Good pay secures good teachers, good tcacr.ers make a gaod school, and a good school adds much to ny village or oommuinïty.- Ptockney Dispatch. Mr. Manan Hiixsom, or tliis place, was boni oin June 26. 1800; some oí' h'e.r oíd neighbors and many younger friieivds gave her a surprise on the 92d anwiiversary of her birth, having been a resildenit oí this place 66 years. She and her husba-nd were the first settlers in, this locality; they came when these beautMul farms were an unbroken, wilderness, when the "native Americans" were the gatint wolf, tl)e boumd'.ng deer and the straight haired reíd mam. At tliat time the wildeet imagimatioii could not have paintt'd the present state of thimgs. A raiCroad did not exist. the iron horse had mot been harnessed tio do our bldding. the thunderbolts had not been plucked from lveaven and sent on crranda oí aur commanid. Steamers had noc ptouglied the waters oí' eveíy river; liigihtning and steam did not turn the millkm of wheele in the manufactuniiiig marts of the world.- Clinton Local. Dexter brags abo'iit tlie quantity of wool beiing broujjht there this year. The Clinton "VVoolen Mfg. Co. tock in 122,000 pounds oí wool last week at prtoee ra-ngJiig from ÍS to 23 cents. - Local. Farmers report the fierce windá ha ve dome much daraage to the hcavy wbeat in thks vfcinity by lodgins; it. - Dexter Newa. Thiirty thonsand pouade of .wooi were taken iin Saturday. and 30,000 more om Monday. It is eetimated tWat (50,000 wHl come in next Saturday.- Stockbrldge Sum. Some green sliarpers down cast triei to tahe tliie editor oí the Dexter Leader into luis contïdence, and sell him some "greem goola." Editora are the wrong class t.o tackle. They are "ou to" sndi thtogs, and never have any momey t)ö fooi away. "Suppose ïiow, jou stand lutched in the sun and fi'Rht flfes awhile," as the liorse remarked to EiiRonc Butcher, of Hamover, last week; then lie mddenly sagged back and caughff Buteher's ftager in the tie-strap. Byrttaniders Yeïeased the fimger before it was ienth-ely off.- Adrián Press. A prominent phyaSctan eays the beak 'of a mosquito lis siniply a tooi box, where he keeps fïve surgical li stniimemts - a liante, a spear, a needie, 'a saw and a pump. And he might íiave a,dded that the mosquito kinows how to nwe tliose tools as weü as am ordinary surgeon.- Ex. Rev. S .H. Adamis has been having a high oíd time m the Portage witli several of his Iexter friends. The Doctor took au outüng at Nordman'a Lake om Saturday last with George C. Page, R. C. Eeeve and Floyd Page, and the way the welkin rang on tliat lake was a cautton.- Dexter Leader. A vell kno'wii man about town went Inonie late one eveni-ng a shorí tinne ago rathier the vorse for drínk. "SVhcn lie tgot tart hts door yard h8 aocisdently began t talk to himself. Wlien lvi wiie heard him she asked: "Whio was that talking to you ?" He repliied thiat it was a Russian and h: name was Badv:ki.- Dundee Re-' porter. Cate & Watkins this week bought of James Blaekwcrod. of South Lyon, 40,663 ponnds of wool grown D.v liin) ttois tyear. Mr. Cate aliso bomght o him tost lear 3,468 pouind's, and the yoar previous 2,892 pouimdB, makins 10,423 pouimdB of well waetved wooj as 'tire resul't of three clips. This is wiitlvout (d'oubt, the largest clip oí woo-1 i-aiwed by any one farmer in oui coaimty ' protoabTy tii-e largest iu the state- Milford Times. The etecbrjic Iigh.t8 were turaed on tlic cammeacial circuit ior the firsu t:mi' last Katra-day evening. They made -a nfce' light and are mueh adniiired 'by most of the people. Some of tin' ötores ni'i' no t so well lis'hted as they were with kerosene, éspeoially'the Epomt Windows, but more lighta dam be added at any time. The currant is stca-dy and when the streec cÜTCtiiIlt is turned om, Manchester wflJ be 'One oí the beíit liighted villages in 'the state. There are 44 business places om Excha.nge Place, Jeffersou aaid 'Ilailroad irtreets. two-thirds or" whieh 'are lighted by electricity, ami several tKbhers will be liprlit-ed as soou as 'they cara. be wiired.- Manchester Jünterprise. A íew da.vs ago a young Jad, a' tíMwl'ovfo'Ot fromi Cleveland, was fi$l iaig at "Wampler's lake and aceiidently cau.ght 'the fitsh-ho'ok iin hi íinger, wten Jie let loóse a yell that resounded írom sluore to shore, broke the bliMsful droams of a eouple of lovers and1 scareü an oíd hien off the nest. Half a score of men, women and chi dlrpn ,rau t'o thie reecu of the lad anij ovcry lexperiniont wa suggosted except itlie pulliinff of the hook out Oi t!li isiaok of }ii paats. unttl mine host Moore ,iv:hiipped out liís jaek knife anj cvit ia wee gaeli iin hiw ïinger and ouüpopped the hook. Had it been a Mi;-hfeain boy, lie wouLd have bittien 'off the finger and gone on ivitU 1v;k ïilshiin.g without even a grunt.- Einterpiv-c. Hon. Wra. Ba.ll, of Hamburg has receh-ed returats fram hm lartrp elip oï woel ehiipped: to Boston. He put it lip as he alwftys has heretofore- "witlii the tags ared bucks fleeees. The returns net lvi'm nearlv 10 cents ali wroiiüwj. Not one word was aboi: the quality or coaidition oï the woot In fact, the only .statements we have seen O'u these pótate ma by eastcrii firme im tOreir returns, are very compliimentaTy. ilr. Hall is satisiicd -tl the results obtainod. whleh he saya are a good deal better than local buyers would do íor luiim. A few more years of abuse ajid squeeztng on the pa-rt of local buyers wlll eerta.imly result in ivoiol growers rehu-ñít ito do busilness 'vith them. Wooï wlil be comslgmed cast. sorbed and solu on its


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