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Prof. Trueblood has gone to Boston om a, tmsiïiess trip. Miss Mattfc Drake is at "Whitmore Lake for a short stay. Dr. "VV. H. DoiTa.nce lias gone to the Georgian IBay füsfliiijg, etc. Miss Mary A. Joy, of Rk-hinoiui, Ind. ie%-isitini friontls in the city. Mrs. Jollín Tliompson, of Detroit, fs viBitkig Mts. Dr. Heartley. President Angelí has gone to New ïtark to see his sou off (or Europe. A. 11. Noble, of Detroiit, is the guesfr of Judge Cheever and wiíe for a few Saya. Mrs. G. Hajnm, of Battle Creek, is the piiest of Miss Clara Buckland, off Noa-tfli st. Prof. J. 0. Sclvlotterbeck Is spon írag a coiiple of weeks with an unchi in COielsea. Prof. C. g. Denteon left yesterday for Koyalton, Vt., to remafm durinff fhe summer. Bert fitóh. Ut. '91. üeta Theta Pi oí .alicato. Bpeode ionr weeks in the c5ty Studytog. BiwardtHamglin, of Detroit, a form er tobaoconist of tliiis city, was In town Satui-day. Wm. A. Clai-k -vvho lias been afHict edwl,tti rlH-umatiMii ïov wimo time, is "'"■"s ciBcumcai treatinent with suc , gg ias. -II. Callaghan carne down frorj CShicago Suimlay and remained ove Momday wit.l) liis family at Jos. Doi nelly'e. Dr. V. C. Vauglm mid family lefi la1 Friday lor iïay View. The Dr uil] (return home when his family ar ettlietí. Mis. Alfied Duckett, of Washtenaw ave., lias retnmed liome after an ctemded vDbM wi ., Wead in Montrc.u Canada. Herbert A. Y,-,.l!a„18, who has beea takinga vamttoB fop a few mónths te again at tlw business desk of tl,è Oom-ter ofHBe. I)r. J. C. Wood amd iainily. „„,„,„ tód by Mrs. Wood-8 motHer, Mrs Bulkley, leave to-day for Ba y View i'Ortlie smiimer. unau-neey Orctttt aaid wlfe had tlieir (liuiphtor and huebaod, Mr. and Ure Thompson, of Toledo, as puesta the -t of the week. John Donovan retmrned Saturday h-om a trip to South Carolina anï .■ora, and tóft agato ywterday for San FraaioiBco, Cal. Mrs. J. w. Babeock, of Wasiitonaw ave., left tliis morn'jng for a two moath'e vMt witli trtenOa in Mapie EapWe tarad Bay ciiy. Mrs. J. Amstim Wood, of Waghto ':l arre., ;,„ has d ví,.i11;,. ■Mrs. T. C. TruoWwHl h,:s ;„„,, tJ J.loomtagdale, Imd., oallod there by i o tar matber. 8he ov petth-to be abscm aeveral weeks. ■■ mm Airs. cihas. w. Wagnerand famllyleft Thoirsday eveatag tor V quetooÉtog. 'ii,( iamily v.iii reauitn durimg the Biimmer. Hr. Waaner wiv ■-'■"'il a few u-,.,.n. "''""(1 "■' !'r((1 "■ lii'nvn, of the Datly Tini svas siuldeniy callea 1 Blloux City' lov.-a, this momfijg, by a telegram BtatlngWtet hi wife, who is there ir Mr. umi Jllv. J. a. Kuith, „f Mï aemeos, .u-corapanil by tlieiir ehüKfren, (are in the city, the guests of re 'i-on 'M,''Si M1?08 lVl)m he! 0' tí6 eiitu returM h"1""!'!iilip ltacli and (laughter Mw. Hecson, lcft. yesterday for Las Vegas New Mexco, to visit Mr. Bach's dan-lt' ter Mrt. A armer, and son PhiUp Bach ■ir. Tihey expect to be absent ture


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