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Mis. Wm. Alla-by la lin Kalamazoo ■nr a -l-ip; -.. ay. Mr.-. Jacob Seabolt is slowly conraleedtag Croni ;.■: pecemt accident. E. V. 'nad as hie grtéei r. ,M. :. Parker, lít. '91, ToMies Xlúlie Mnts.l:;'l has been visitida in Cliclsea tor the pas,, week. V. L. Marquawlt lias been visltmg iparante at Mt. CHemena Uuring the week. Mtes Iftaa Ki-ause aticiuled the wedding iol' a ïrieiKl at Grand Iedge last. ïliuit-day. Mits. Bföwejl, of Teeum.seh, is the gueet of Mis. W. I). Adaius, ooi S. DiVfeiOU St. Mts. 6. W. Clarkson eritertalaed Mrs. ValentiiK' oí Plymouth, during the past weck. E. F. JoliiLsou and wüte lt'ft Monday iior a ten day's stay at öhetr iorincr lioine in Ohio. Miss KutJi B. Durheku, who lias been teaching in Menominee, is lime iur tliv Biümmftr. Fred. Dodsloy and Wm. A. Mogb lvave gome to badiana to act as cai vasera Kor tlue eurnmer. Mrs. D. D. Traviis, whio lias beeu isii iiLv pelatlves in tiie city, returned home Ito Ooóper Frklay. Miise íAiniie Wüsoii, oí New ïork, lias been the g'uest of Mr. and Mrs. J. :I!. Minier öurimg the week. Dniialtl .Mokityre, oí Cadillac, has been tedraldmg hands wSfch oíd friendo here düriaig the past week. Mrs. Jullia A. l'Kkni left MontLay Baxter Sprimgs, Kas., to visit her dausliter 'Mrs. S. II. Simith. Mis. U'arsuns. ijf L,aiismg, who wa.s the guest af Mrs. HonJoai, on E. Hurou st., retuimied home Saturday. Prof. V. H. Butts, of Orclrard Lake. ivith 'his famidy, were guests of his fatiher, Jwtice Kutts last week. Dr. and Mie. Hcuderson- nee Baxter, of Masoui, liave beeai guests of relativcs 'in tlile city duiring the week. Míks tAmma Hyne, of Brighton, was tlie guest durtag the past week, o Mits. J. Scliuiiinacher, of Xorth sr. Kev. !R. A. Holland Jr., left for h:s luoine Sm St. Louis, Mo., last Monday, to remailn durimg the month of July. Kev. C. Scott Williams goes to KvarC to fill the pulpilt oí the Presbyterian cliurch itliere for a couple of momthe. Rev. i"r. Kelley attended the commemcenieut lexeroises of the parochiai school öitl Port Huom last ïhursday. Hom. iC!ha. E. Whïtman and fainily loft tast Th'ursday for Oliarlevoixj wtiere fttoey wJU rema.jn for the suinmr. Heary (A. Thayer, lit. '90, professor oí Physies in the Manitjtee High schooi is vitslting the old college halls once more. Miiss Em,üy Pit kin. leXt Monday lor Petrolfa. Oiit., to rema.iai during tlw summer wiit.h her brather, Gflille 8. Pitkiii. A IR. Petersoiii arnd WiUard üar.ïk'ld leave bhlB weok for a southeni, taking in Kentucky and Tei uessee. Prof. Irvimg G. ilcOoU, lit "JO, wtoo is teachioig at NashrvUIe, Team., is siicndiug vhe sunnnw at his home iu Wdister. James -E. Duiïy, capturing has ■jueepeiuin iraní the law departmetrö Thta.-Hlay, rotumied to hte duttes at Lansiing. Mr. aawl Mis. Tiros. C. Xikles, of 8. State et., htiiTe been eatertalniag Miss O. Iï. gtffltag, of Detroit, thiring the pat week. Mm. E. E. Hüllis, Af Pittsburg, Kas, aceompaaiivd by her two childreu, is viskiniK toer fatlwr, Jas. A. Clark 'ou X. -MaJii st. Dr. T. C. Plijillips and wiíe retaraed home to Milwaukee, Wis., Thuisday -oiüig to Detroit and there takiaiK a baat. Judge aiid Mi-s. (ïtecver ontertato ed 0. V. XaiV. lit. 'S!), of Chicago Prof. E. C. Goddard, Kt. '89, of gag', naw, last week. Fared 3. Lawrenee, of Laatog, eame to Awn Arbor .Saturday, returning home uit li lus wlfe, who had been visrthig rm tlie city. Win. McCreery, ml has been testtagübie medicinal qualitlea oí the mine.ral ,sp riüigs at Graas Lake, retumed li'oinc Wrdiii-sda.v last. Hoin. iH. H. Hatch!, of Bay City, was lome oï tihie dietimgulshed guests oï ■ommmeement week He eame to !ix-tln daugliter gradúate. Mr, riohia S. Woodi-uff. who Uas boem VásiitiUK lier father J. D. Williams of Aun .u-hor town. returnecl to lióme un ludiaig-ton Prlday. Dr. J. a. Dell, accompamáed by hter rnother Un. Liimdsey, went to Alma (V„i,T. wïb., lasi -eek, called ïere by the Illness ai a relative. rottw, oí Detroit, apent Sumía y and -Momluy in the city, joiitag iiis u-üv wiin was the guesi erf -M. ss , Amelia McLaren, on Xortli st. Am.m.y.thr Dexter peóple who weró present, .ar ilie commencement cxerrises ilat woek ivimv Mts. .Seeper and aLt K ]- i'i'if. ■Walker, -whio has been supertateodtent .of tOae Dexter schools very aweptably Kov tthle past íwk vears lilas,taken up hLB i-esklen -e. with hii lamily. in Aun Albor. J'i'oí. (ico. A. HemdMcla), formprly o tilio ü. oí M., ivow dtean óf the medteaj tecalty tof the rniversittv of Minnetff.'wai spend the summer in Alaska aiwl the Sandwifch Islandb. A -party ooMBistiiag of Postmastor Eugwie E. Beai and wiie. Dr. ('. G. Itarltag and -wife, JIr. and Mrs. Joh,', lVay, Bobert G. West and wMe oí Aust,,, Texas, and Mr. and Hts. J. Wtete Dllda7 nteht fOT atH"


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