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Frank "SI. Sösslons is home l'rom Coliimbus, iOhio. Mi. Wimifred Barnes ia vi; In Evansvil] ■. Ind. M-rs. 8. A. MwajQ ]s vislting fripiidd at Niles. former home. Ules Jiï:i iSarlfcigliouse, o.' ni-oaiiway hiae goiae bo Canandaigaá, X. Y. i i;.d,' Krrr aml wiife are viöiting ]:■:■ atïvee ia Bay City few a íc-.v days. Mr.--. I.. Walker lias gome to the Air;i;inlai-k i o ranain a fe'w weeks. Mise Amia. O'Brien ha.s gone to Long' [stond Sound tor the summer vaeatior. Mrs. Olney ha.s goti'e to Charlevoix, acconipaiuied Iby aiiece, Miss Hine. Mor. a:ul Míns. O. M. Martin are enJoyiog a sïwirt raátfcm at Whitniore Lakr. Mílsa EdJth Noble has fronj to Bu.'falo, X. Y., to vitsiit witii and ■ i-. Dar. M. C. Sheehaift, oi Detroit, was Ju tlic city .-siumlav, greeting ol(í ■ ele. Misees Lema antl .Maud Micnael leava I'r;d:i.v ior Niiee to íuniaiii a couple tf moni:'.-. Harry Farmer, ai Detroit, visited ■Mis oíd lioane o:i the Nortli Side ove the 4th. Fred. H. Jeromae, oi Cümrch .-t., icf !)i:id:mg ithe ai Irla oíd komd in Kaginaw. Mase 'Ora Hatch. oí Detroit, is the giuest 'oí Aam Arbor friiends for a' eiiort 'tiano. M;lss Hattie Swift has been the guiest tof frieiKli :n Chicago for the past 'week. .Mis. Boyal, o; Tampa, J'ia., is the guest oí' Judge and Mts. Cheever, ou Mad'.woin st. Miss T'iora Sterrett s'oss to Docatur, Jfich., to remato until the middltf' ■oí September. I'rof. fWillard K. Clements, of S. 12tb ist., retu-rned Tuesday from ;i Oiuieago trip. Prof. Jolini X. Dewey and faraily 'luave 'ifO'ne to Fenton to visit Mi-s. Di'wey's people. Miss Lizzie Xewtoii has gone t Mapk' RapJIds and Bay City witli 'heraunt Mrs. Babepck. Cai-1 Harrimam has returned fronj liattle Citek, where he visiited kb sister Mrs. Hntchlnon. Miss Aliante Boylan Iras gone to Alpt-na for a two week's stay with her íriemd Míbb Marión Gray. MÜBseN EMla Lemmom, and Ella Clark aa-e guests of Mts. Lemmoii at WJMittiiore Lake for tlue week. Dr. atoihell will spend the summer 5:n ICÜiieago, havimg given ip liis coi templiated lEtm-opean trip. Mrs. Muir, of Grairud Rapids, is visftttag Bw?r pareuts, Mr. and Mrs. H. Kittredsíe, )n N. Main st. Miss Cla-ra Doty left Aan Arbor Fr day, for a surumer's stay with relati'ves at MJnneapoliis, Minn. Miss AlMa Lovejoy, of Detroit, is visiting JiOr sister, Mrs. Kellogg, o Mie UNortn Side, íor a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Penny, and Prof. E M. Thompsoa, wrie and daughtei-, witj ot-her friends spent the -ith at Mllan. llin.s Auna Muñía lea ves thfe week few Alpema, to be absent a couple o weeks, the g-uest of Miss Marian Gray. Saturday ffm. 1'. Matthews aiul famüy, and Clias. aiitord and wife went to AVtoitinoa-e Lake for a week's1 stay. Wirt and Wade Daty have returned to Detroit after a slrort stay with tJu'ir paieins, Mr. and Mi-s. A. M. Doty. jTh-. JoseiJh Clark, oí the IJniiverBllty ÍLOBpKtal, went to Jacksön Satu.rday l-ëmainimg over .Sunday and Momday. Mitss Urace Taylor aawl sisti'r Mattiie, t'xpect to atteiid' tlue National Eïueatiiodial Assoeiatiou at Saratogii oiext week. Dr. J. W. Moi-tca and wiie left Mokidiay tor Gemoord, Jackeon couuty, to tsiieai'd a few day's witli Mrs. Mortom's parents. Da-. Wm. SauBMlerB and wiic return. e4 to (Jrainid Kapids aturday. Thuy were c-alled lwre by tb death of Mi. Monea Seabolt. J. H. of J. T. Jacobs .t Co., iretommed (FrJday evening from a suc(fssiul ibusiniesa tr%j tha-ougli the aiorthieni countfes. Mr. and Mis. A. Moore, of X. Thayej st.. are entertaiming tlieir daughtei-s Mis. (3mJth, oí Charlotte, and Mrs. Seiler, of Akron, OMo. l'rr.-ia.-nt Henry Wade Rogers, o the ÍXortiiwestern rniversirty, Evantt'oin, III., has been in the city during !thc past week, returntog .Satui iay. Austm Scott, LL. D., president et Butger'a College New Brunswick, X J., ari'Ived i,u the city Batiirday, cali Odiiiiea-e by the lOlnese of his father, J. Allstiil Srütt. .Mis. Win. F. Stimsoii and children leave the coming week to yteit her párente ,at Ha.sti.ngs, and win take in same of the lakes thereabouts ioi a wek ar so. rrot. w. s. Ferry lea ves Saturday to ftttend the Xatiiomal Educationai Associiatiiom, at Saratoga, N. Y. Front tihere lie expocts to go to the Adirondacks Tor a few weeks. Prof. (Levr I). Wines expects to leave ihc 1,-utiT part of the week for Saratog-a, N. Y., accompanied by JIrs-. Wtoes, to attend the National Ed catioda] As.soriation meeting. Irving K. Pond, of Chicago, was the icwst of hls paremts, Mr. and Mra B. J!. Pomd, over Sunday and Jlonday, retunniing last evenïng. He rcports tlue wijidy city as ereetfüg more lmildiniis tMs ycar than ever before.


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