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f DAYS! f Commeiioing - "==== i Glosing FRiBflY, JÜLYI iÜÜJÜÜÜMaL, j UTMIT, JUT 9. 8ETEH DAIS DEVOTED ÏO THE SAYING INSTINCTS OF THE COMMÜNITT! SEVEX SPECIAL " BARGAIXS FOR YOUR C'OXSIDERATIOX ! Bargain Ño. 1 All at 3,000 yards of Summer Wash Goods, eonBH sisting of 10c fine 3-4 Challies f 1%c yard-wide Challies sb&k 0 10e double-fold Angora Suitings : HS 10e " Stirling Twills H 8e Lawns, 32 inehes wide R _ 10e Colonial Cloth, 30 inehes wide f &e., &e., &e., &e. a yard. Bargain No, 2 A LARGE LINE OF at 25e Freneh Satines . 25e Check White Goods ( 1 25e Scotch Zephyp Ginghams J, ñ AU Wash Goods reduced. ■ A. CENTS. Bargain No. 3 15 Doz. Ladies' Pure Silk Blaek Mitts, worth _rm_ 25e Q 1 Ten Doz. Ladies' 25c Gauze Vests- Low ñecles, T short sleeves _J J Ai CENTS. Bargain No. 4 Our Entire Line of SHIRT WAISTS In Silk, Percale, Cambric, White Linen, &c, &c, all REDUCED For this sale! Bargain No. 5 j Fruit of the Loom Lonsdale and fj Farwell Cottons, yard-wide and 'a 4 all worth 10c a yard, for the 7 f days your choice for - - - - ■ CENTS. Bargaii NoTö] Parasols of all styles and Sizes at 14. O-fF DURING THIS SALE. " ■ "-' 25 pcs. of Summer Dress Goods, eonsisting ofall at 38-ineh all-wool Tennis Stripes, worth 50e 40ÍnCh Claremnt Cheek Sutings, worth O "% Double-fold Wool SuitingsTregukTr prüeT, ó7 to 50e A YARD. fmtVpR Pn?mT CLOS1NO SALE T ' iUMMER GOODS. Supply yOur wants at once and save largely by so doing! m 20 Main Street, ÁNN ARBOR.


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