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Real Estate Transfers

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Cari Gumtow to John Jahnke, Ann Arbor. - $ 900 Jane Horton to W. H. Horton, Superior 1 W. H. Horton to Catherine Palmer, Superior 325 Chas. E. Magoon to S. Cebulskie, Manchester 60 J. C. Goodrich to A. H. Goldsmith, Ypsilauti 49 A. H. Goldsmith to I). H. Curtís, Ypsilanti 50 Daniel Hiscock to L. J. Whitely, Ann Arbor 250 Koch & Henne to David Wild, Ann Arbor 1 E. F. Baldwin to Mary H. Davis, Ann Arbor 1 Forest Hill Cemetery Co. to Wills á Baldwin.Ann Arbor 100 Corliss iír McLaughlin to Ella S. Hill, Aun Arbor - 300 S. G. Miller to John Kapp, Ann Arbor.. 4,050 S. G. Miller to A. H. Fillmore, Ann Arbor 900 S. G. Miller to A. Brown, Ann Arbor-. 450 Watson Geer to M. A. G. Lewis, Ypsilanti 1,500 G. A. Pulcipher et al to W. F. Lodholz, Ann Arbor - 450 Wesley Hicks to M. F. McNalley et al, Ann Arbor Contract Chas. Fuiler to W. H. Ostrander, Ann Arbor Contract Williams & Fox to Chas. Dwyer, Ann Arbor 200 V. S Browu to Chas. Dwyer, Ann Arbor 100 Sam'l G, Miller to Jas. R. Bach.Ann Arbor. - 10,491 Catherine Haugsterfer to E. N. Hangsterfer, Ann Arbor 1,500 J. ('. Goodrich to I-ouisa Harriugton, Ypsilanti - 37