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Opposed To G. A. R. Recognition

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1 notice that every senator and representativa who had served in the rebel army 'steadüy voted against giving us any recognition or extending us any courtesy. That 1 much regret. We were ever their honorable antagonista. Magnaniinously we have forgiven thera, restored thein to the citizenship and honors and emolumente of the country whioh we prevented them from betraying and ruining. We visited them when they did burial honors to their fallen chiefs, going almost so far as to tnarch beneath the flag of a stricken treason Surely after twenty-flve years they should have forgiven us for ha ving vanquished them iu the interests of freedom, nationality, hnmanity, and above all of their owu children.- Veteran in New York Paper. 1 li ave arrlved at the age of fully threescore and have been a lifeloog Democrat, but I ain fully satisfied that Cleveland is not the friciul of the soldlero and should not receive our suiiiovt. Ceneral E. O. Heers. When the McKinley law imposing a duty of two dollars a pound on Sumatra leaf went into effect the price of Connecticut tobáceo increased from sixteen cents to twenty-six cents, and the actual profits of the farmer were more than doubled. It is estimated that the tobacco growers have already gained $1,000,000 by the law. 1 teil you, dr, the old soldiers will not vote for Cleveland. He cannot carry New York.- General Sickles. Make tïie wheete go 'rouaid-


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