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Real Estate Transfers

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Alva Freer to John G. Schmidt, Chelsea $ 40 J. T. Mitchell to B. J. Pichel. Saline 6 L. O. Hadley to L. K. Hadley, 10 H. B. R. Pieree to N. & F. B. Gass, Ypsi 1.G0O A. F. Miles to Geo. Voorhies, Ypsilauti 900 H. L. Perry to Emily Hill et al, Lodi 1 H. L. Perrv, by C. C. C, to Wm. Webber, Lodi .._._.._ - 3,600 H. L. Pfcrry to Wm. Webber, Lodi 1 H. L. Perrv. by C. C. C, to Eusebia A. Perry et ál, Lodi ._ 1,200 H. L. Perry to Eusebia A. Perry et al, Lodi .._. - - 1 Adam Riedel to Frank Riedel, Bridgewater 1 J. .1. Robisou to D. M. Cowau, Manchester 100 A. H. Worden to M. E. Werden, Salem- J. H. Bortle to August Binder, Saline- 2,50 Ellen Beasley to Fillmore & Rehberg, Ann Arbor - 1.100 Harriet L. Perrv to Chas. Dwyer, et al, Lodi -- 1 2.000 C. Dwyer to F. Kadkie. Lodi - 1 Cheever & Allmendlnger to H. T. Morton, Aun Arbor 1,500 Kli.a 11. Cordary to Adam Schairer, Ypsilanti "- 3,000 O. B. Hall to Allee Porter. Ann Avhor- 500 W. w. Cooper to Etta M. Cooper, Vork 2.000 .lohu Geo. Staebler to Esther Hunter, Aun Arbor 2.100 Esther Hunter to John Geo. Staebler, Anu Arüor - lOO