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Two "illustrations."

Two "illustrations." image
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The Dexter Leader gave quite an a c-nuiit oí D discussion ol the road (Hicstiou recently held u by prominent (armere In Ann Arbor, :ur. in Uiat iircoiiut OCCUTfi tliis : "Au illusl rat ion oí the injiist i e 0Í even 1 1u' present law v;is ctted by tme Cd the'ty, and was soinewhat as foHows : A frisky Dnlversity Btudeni iün-s a Uvery rJg and takea hls bes1 ü i 1 tO Ypsilnnti. 'llirougli over attenttan to hta compeny he oïIowb his norse to siiy and tip them over au embankment, wrecklng t i inirs generally. tmmedkitely the proper aui :,,,ii lea are do1 líled to pay i lg daiiiages. The young spi -ig QOt only enjoye privileges tiiat he never p.iiil tor, lm t collecte damagea from Innocent parties tor injuries which were t'he result of li is iiivii carelessness ; but the injustice does not oeasr here. TMiis student wlio at the expense ol the state rereived tlio ediu'ntion vvhich makea tttm a shiatog sucoesa In his proïession. is eroabled to command an income far beyond tbat of our most prosperous farmers ; without the payment of one cent of tax. In fact it is not thoe who most use the roads wno eall most loudly for liet ter roads. The (act tiiat lange tax-payers often are eompelled to improve large tracts of roads 'wWch is of no use to tbeir real estáte was coneidered." TVTiy are the Btudents, and the l'niversity everlastintrly and all the time held nr iy a certain elass of people - among them 1e.inii some farmers - o íj a bugl)ear ? We do (not belleve tiiat any enen event ever loccurred as was jiivn in tihe "illustration." It was merely a picture drawn from a tlistorted imngination. Here is a case we have heard of, though : A íarmer, oíd enousli to be more honorable and more wise, carne hito town one day, sold a load of green basswood to one of these awful students, at an enormous priee, tellinif th iyoung man that it was hickory wootl, (and feeling very jubll.i 1 1 1 over Ihis suceess in fooling an unsophinticated boy, Tepaired to a saloon amd proceeded to "blow in" his ill gwtteai money. He worked his tJiroat so "industriously that he found tílie sidewalks very uneven when he carne to go out doore to hunt up his poor team that had been standing out in tlie bitter cold, hiU'hed to a post, without a Tlanket or a thing over t'hem, for öt least geven hours. In {act he was in hucIi a helpless condition tiiat he tnmbled off the sidewalk and brokc Qiis leg. After getting some'iet better he hired a lawyer and DO doubt would liave made the city pay damages for maintaining detective wialks had he been sober enough milieu hurt to have afterwards loeated the exact spot where he feil. As to the "income far beyond the most prowperous farmer," referred to alove, tiiat is the rottenest kind of rot, and not a true statement. No yoiuig man can command an income of any amotint until he has proven himself nn expert in the profession wliieh he may follow. It takes years of constant, hard work to gain success in any profession, and the man who doee succeed puts in far more hours during the year than does the average farmer. Success does not chase men up in the professions any more than it does on the farm. He wlio works for it gets it, in either place, and he wlio does not work for it fiets left. A more, narrow statement oi B eaM tlian the one given above from tli Leader, we have not run ai loss in a long time, and it is a wonder that the man wlio wrote it op shoiihl have eonsidered it of sufficient ciMisequence to have given place in tbat paper, for he ia usually a man oí more tlian ordinary good judgment. Tlie farmer who gave the "illustration," whoever he may have been, went out of his way to slap an instittition fhat )ia done more to build up Michigan tlian any other institution in tihe stjite, and more to mako the farms of Waslitenaw county valuable, any other one thing. ■ A Nahville woman followed the dlrections in a woman's magazine on how ia make a beautiful chair out of a barrel for 50 cents, and has already spent $4 on it, and has f our blackened finger nails, and has no sJiow for it a clumsy-looking contri vanee that every one is afraid to Sit on.


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