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The commlttees of tfie leglslature been announced, and ■ ïind on i'iic Tnivci sity commlttee : Senate Senators .rs. i:. MaLaugblin, ol Tetroit ; S. W. HopklnB, Midland ; L. C. Houuii. Detroit. House Reprea ni;nivc C. D. Siieldon, Boogiiton ; '. W. Moore, Detroit : I!. I'. Bishop, Lndmitdll J C W. U'isniT, S;i;ill;liv : W, W. Grlffln, Detroit. Ti ie Normal School lias the followImg legisle tlve committee : Senate Senators Cbtus. s. Pteree, Oscoda ; i iius. Frosi Gtbflon, DetroH ; .las. H. Mcirrow, Adrián. House - Kepresentativi-s I). I). Boell, Cnton City ; E. 8. Wanner. Kdmore ; P. W. üedfei-n. Malde aapide ; R. I'. BUwp, Lndlnston; F. H. Bathey, Smlth Creek, 8t. Clalr couoty. Repreeentatlve (lian. H. Kline of thi.s city, hae been nppointed a meniber oí t!h oomniittee on State Hou-" of Correction, on the Upper Penliuala Prlson, and on Military Affalrs. Represent&tJye Frank Bater Mills, of tliis -oimty bas heen placeó" on the eommittee on Federal Relations, and n the Michigan Institutlon tor the Uaf and Duml at Flint. Representative Newkirk, (ormerly of this oonoty, is cliaii-man of the c-onimittee on Ways and Means, and a member of tlie Judicfary" committee, and on the Upper Península Prion. As the committee on Roads will doubtlees be an important one this session, we g-ive the membership thereOf : Senate - Senators Wni. Mears, Üoyne Falls, Charlevolx lounty ; ChJM. S. Pierce, Oscoda, Iosco Co.; I'eter Gilbert, Sterling, Arenac Co. House- Representatlves Geo. E. Hilton, Fremont, Newago Co.; Cha. W. Leavitt, Steteon, Oceana Co.; J. F. Henry, iSaugatuck, Allegan Oo.; Chas. D. Dodge, Londoh, Monroe Co.; F. H. Bathley, Smith Creek, St. Clair Co.


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