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A Model Road

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At the annual meeting of the Auu Arbor & Lodi Gravel Koad ('o., beid last week, üeorge Baadb was elected president ; KeUon Sutherland, eecTOtary and treasurer ; and Henry Depev,-, aruperintendent. One year ugo tn.s conimpany offered ten cent for ekK-n tree set out along tlie Une of t!ie roal, and a gratiíying numter have been set out under the offer. The coming year tfae compaña have agreed to doublé the otfer, giving tweuty cents for every tree, the desire being to make tliis roa-d oiie of tlie hundsointst, aa it already is one oï the best in Michigan. During the past year over $100 were expended in erecting a hand-some diiiiKing trough, supplied with running spring water, just r.mth of the toll ga.te. A Uirge aiiHAint was also expended in gra reling and repairing t'he road. i lie gentlemen who own tliis roail re pusliers and t'liey pro])ose to thor the people of Washtenaw county - and the entlre state, Kir tJiat matter- wliat advantage tlliere is in good roads. We are nformed ttat the traffic on thLs ruad has íhcreased wonderfully duriug the jKi.-G year. - ■ Apropos of the prevalence of dtphtlieria tlie following froni the Scientlflc American niay prove of inteiot : At tlie lirst indication of the diseaae n the throat of a penon, make the room close, theu take a tin cup and pour into it a qnantlty of tar and turiK'iitine, equal paris. Tlien liohl tlif cup over the fire so as to fill the room witb iumes. The patiënt, on inhalinfi tlio fumes, will cough and spit out all the membraneous matter and the cUpfatheria Mili woon pass off. Tlie himes of the tar and turpentine ■will soon loosen the matter in the, and thtiB afford relief that has bafflel tlie xkill of the pliysuians. Hon. Benj. P. Butler, of Massachuittts. tk man who honored the state froni which he carne, died at his Washinirton, D. O. remídeme this morning, at 1:30 o'doek.


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