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The Electoral Vote As It Was Cast Last Monday

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The tolkrwing is a complete table of the electoral vote, aesumlag that Illinois and Norttl DekOta will tast the full number of votes to whi-h they are entdtled ander the oonstltutlon: CleveBtates. on. land. Weayer. Alabaina - - - H Arknnsas - 8 California 1 Colorado - -- 4 ctlcut -- 6 Ih'Ittware -- 3 florida __ - l liuorjiia - W - - -- 8 Illinois - . H Indiana - i" lowa 18 Kansas - - 10 Kentucky - 3:: Loulsiana. - Maine C Maryland - 8 Massachuaetts l-r Michigan - 9 " Minm-sota 9 MiBsissippi- - - 9 Missouri - - 1" Montuna 8 Nebraska - - Nevada - - 3 New Hampabiie.- 4 Ni'w Jersey - New York' - - M Nortli Carolina - - - II North üakota „3 Ohio 22 1 Oregon 3 -- 1 Pennsylvania H Rhode [land 4 South Carbliua - 9 South Dakota -1 Teuüessee Texas - 13 Vermor.t 4 Vlrignia - w Washington 4 West Virginia - 6 Wisconsin - 12 Wyomlng' 3 144 KM 44 ■ Thecandidacy Of Ooi. Henry 8. Hean of this city, for Regent of the l'niversity, is beimg received with favor by the republican prees and people Óf the state, and it is believed that he will receive the nominntion withpirt any special opposition. More on this sirbjeet hereafter. ■♦ Ah ! Hah ! Colonel ! Daniel Larnont after four years ot Intense sllenee, has been heard from ! And in what way, do you suppose ? Wfiy, Cleveland semioffieially announcea that oll chum and private secretary, Don, is to become one of hie cabinet ! ! And hts old law partner liisscll ie to be anotber one ! '. Great Gune ! ! ! ■ - Betore RepreeentAtive Kline 8UCceede in eecuring the passage of hls capital punishment bill, will he kindly iijure out how much freer the states are froni crime tbat already have that law upon their statute books than is the state of Michigan ? Ilefore MUhiii-in iroee into the business of lepaliziniR murder, she letter lind out what there i to be ffained thereby. i Tlie state banks of Michigan, not including the national banks, have resources amountins to $82,0-49,533.48. Just give tliat sum a thought ! There are on deposit in the BSTlngD departmesta $37,009,010.12, certificates of epoddst $9,632,918.47, certified checks $67,981.89, makins a total on dcposit in the state banks of llicliiffan of $47,609,910.48. And the democratie platform yelled calamity! . . 0. Eberbach : "Why don't you newspaper men advocate the abolishment of the use of the Farenlu-it thermometer ? I'eople don"t understand it, there is nothing to start froin, it is antiqnated and onght not to be and. Tlie Centigrale. for Instance, starts at the freezing point, which is called zero, and when a man tolls you the thermometer stands at 20, or 30 degrees above or l)f low zero, you know it is so many degrees nbove or lelow the freezing ]oint. Xow look at this Farenlu'h, it stands at zero, now. What does that siffiiify ? -lust this and nothing more. that it is 32 degreea 1k4 tbe freeilng point. But iiow many of the general public know that ? But vei-.v few. an dto teil them it is zero really nieans nothint: to thm. To a acholar, of cooree it meaaa 32 degreea iiow zero, as it ia indicatwl on a (Vntigi-ade therinouieter. I should tliink those who have control of uur schools would adopt the Centlgrade entirely, and it would not take long to edúcate the people to ite use. It is so simple and so natural that tüey could readily uitdenttand." And who will dispute Mr. Kberbach ? The eat of slck headache is not in the brain. Regúlate the stomacli and you cure it. Dr. Pierce's Pellets are the I-ittle Regulators.


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