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Senator Stockbridge

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Senator Stockbrldge was choeen ás liis own Bucewwtw t the r. 8. senate by the republlcan caucus held taal Tliursday niiiln. This reeult carne from two reasoqs : beoauae of iiis own Btrengtli 'and popularity, and becmm i Uw rrnalrnaw ol the c.;iiidsítimi. Mr. I.uce'.s poeltlon was weak ■from the fact that after dcmaniling a getond term loc hiinscH as governor, lic was refnaing Mr Stwskbrldge'a ■ame rigüit as onator. Tlien again he was wcak it was so evident that lus backen wen only helping liim out of rerenne against hls c)pponetkt, and Xhe nicml)ei-s dJd" not are 10 Ik' mado the toote of any man's Hpitc Wrk. Moreover, althoupli it a as admittrd that ex-Governor Luce ■was a gxxxl, able man, he had so repeatedly been cüaetng after tho offices, that the people rr ■ fetting ■wcaiy f votintr for hini. Tlie fiiiin Avsis iivci.v, hm a clean one, and focqght out on the merite o! tttie cainliilatcs. It rcsultcd in the uiianiiHíU.-. eelectlon Ol tlic best man for H&e place, for Senator Stockbridfre's experfence and Influence at Wteeblngton, hia popularity at home, !iis bo4W, eubetantlal Integrity, iiis hoog servi ts tu the party, all combine tK make liim the airong and vocceBBtu] caiKlidatc for a Becond berm in the Beoate.


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