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How A Party Platform Lied

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The yar 1892," saya Dun's ReMlew of Trode, "h.-is been the moet prospcrous ever known In lmsini ss." This is ;i Beotébee at magnlflcent strengt!) lrcvit.v. It is th higto ly, the uutconic, the trinmph ui' tliiri.vvc-iis ui protectlve pollcy condensC(l luto lcs th.'Ul a dozen wonls. '1 lic botal of the tesi iniuny. when Kumnicil uj by a comí of competent Jurisdlctlon, is iii.'ii the very year in which ;i fiicnt party in national coiivcntion dectared : "We deny iliat thero ha been any Increase of prosperit since tbe taiüf u,i is'.ioi wi'iit into operation" has in'rii "the most prosperous cviT known in business." The dl feresce between partlsan rancor and historica] trutta is great. ■■The West Toast Trade" la the name of a bandeóme paper wnose New Year oumber ia before us. Arno Streng, : lormer MLdbdgan newupaper man, is ts editor and proprietor. It is illnstrated and descrlptlTe Ot ttoe laet Jrear'a growth oi Tacoma and Washiiüition, maklng a remarkaUe . city Bcarcely i ." geara oM. a paste-board diamond- The ace Ilold np a train- The right band.


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