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The Two Governors

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Oor. Kih In ïii-i iiiiuifitiral meeaage, groupa all the stilte iustitutums tou-ether and says i good word for ihcm In tliis genera! waj : Xbese inertitutioM are all needed, and Siw wdi-iiiy nf the care and sup,,i the people ol the state. But they are at the Bame Ume a namerons, ■- peneive and Increaalng famlly, demandlng th$ support oí the state. Their ïiuiiihcT-s Increase trom year to year, and those eatablished are growing in popvlatlon and tlu'ir n la are Increaeing. Whlle every abeolute need Bbould be enpplted, yet, In view of their iiiimiiirs and multltudlnoua wants, t lic saine -are stLöttld lie exertlaed In making approprlatjcna tor thelr Bapport that a practical business man wonM exerciae In ble mm business, SO ttUat a dollar in valur recelred for every dollar expended. TWnga ooi abeolntely needed ïnay safely be postpóned nntU they are aeeded. In öttner worda, II ta nol neceeaary to finish tlieto all thls year, as oihcrs will COme ns to care lor their nee-ls as they rist'. : it. WlnaBB takes each separately and tells their needa and deserta. In gpeaklng of the Dnlverelty he says: ■ilur state Tniversity is first in Importance among our Instltutlona. The lii'-íii fttaodlqg it has attaineil among itoe greal sehoola of the land, tor advania-i's afl'orded by its lacnlty and e.onrses of Btudy, result ca 'i year in an Increaaed nnniber ol Btndenta trom all parte of tlie country. Mie ■ has InCre&Sedfrom 1,580 In 1886 to 2,400 In 1890 and neaily 8,000 at the present time. liestion presente iisoli". shali the attendance be llmited to bhe preeeni it y of tlie Dnlverslty or ehall acoommodationa be prpvlded for all may desiri' to come '.' I bel ihe latter oourae to be the wiso one, a.nd th,at i.voii eannot be too liberal in granting th" approprlatlona asked by tbe board of regente. The mantugemeni has been careful and con: - e in tlie pacrl and I am confliieni Miat every dollar yon ïnay trrant will he wisely ns(d 1o promote the i; .eiiilness of the Unlverslty." of the -late Normal school he has this very eoiiiiiüineiit ary paragraph : The state Normal School al Yjisila.nti maintains its high rpputation for its spe al work. Ibe school is e',1 nrinaired and jü'osyerons. It is amoog tiic least troublesome of a ,-Tn!s of the state, and no unreale demande apon bhe taxpayers will bc made in i!s böhalf.


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