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An Unpopular Popular Vote

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The Detroit Free Press refere to the in-st'iit electoral plan of cboefng a readdeni as antlqmated etc., and advoit.s a popular voto. When the returns lor laai year and icanned it is ioi to 1e wondered at thai the Pree 'resé teTora that idea. Take these QAjoritlM, for inst;ui:c, triven in round lumbers Alábanla -18,000 Arkansas 30,000 Florida 23,000 Georgia 90,000 Kentucky 55,000 l.uuisiaua 60,000 .Maryland 21,000 MlMlwlppl .... 40,000 Missouri 35,000 Nortli Carolina - - - 35,000 Simth Carolina - - -40,000 Tennessee 35,000 Texas 150,0001 Virginia 50,000 Total -.-- 092,000 In twelve out of fourteen of the tHove named statcs, which return such ahnorinal democratie majorltlee, a republican vote cannot be cast or count■1. f the demócrata eo will it, a fact which the F. P. and all supporters of tibat plan very wcll undei-stand. With e popular vote, tlie question would ke asked "by these statts, "How many vi.tcs must wc return to galn the victuryV" and the votes would le reborned, even if it took more in numler tliam there were mon, woratn and 'hildren in tlio siatc A popular vote tor president wltè the present fraudulent Kj'stem tof -Coting in the soutli wonld Ik' a (arce, compared to which the oquawbuek Iegllature would bc a halo of ulory. ♦ We can lnt titilóle that the company of men, the trade or the trade union led ïiy aeU-intereel and paaalon, that tries i control the prlce of wnges or díctate employment by threatenlng adverse poMtloal act ion, or a boycott, lomniit a folly that bordere on inaantty in this ehllgfrtened age. It in an attempl al tyranny ao pateut In tliis ase of liberta and enlightenment as bo stamp the leaders in sucta .■i movi'inrnt as wilhont Juflgment r principie and the toUowera of èuch leadera as elther dnpea or trilling ïollowera and sevltoni of men who, tavIng nelther patriot tem, lalrneM, honestff or principie would, if they had the power, sel themaelvee up ae opis. petty tyi-ants, reedy to t.ikc the bread trom the montii of hoiicst workinen who have equal right vith tlii'in.sclvcs to Ufe, Uberty and the jnirsnit of liappiness. One rssenüal of Uterty couBtot In the rlght to control nur's ciwn labor, to dispose f it ;is OOM niay .ser fu, and whoever Btrlkea a bkw a1 thte riuiit, strikes a blow at liberty, and wboever voluiiturily or otherwtoe givee into the liands oí dtlici-.s tlic right to eay when or for wlimii he sliall work, or to eoniiiKiml liim lo (juit work, niakcs liimKelf far a slave worthy'the íate o f a National Journalist. Tile liialicst ]i]-aisc lias been won ly Bood'e Pilis for ihcir eay, yn elHcieni actkm. Soiii iy all dragglsts. Price 52 oente. Gilbert Pillsbury, of Boston. Mass.. probably the lart of 1 lie grent coterie Oí original abolitionists, dled m the nt ii nst. at his home In Boston. General Weaver's tavorlte drink is buttiTiniik Bweetened wltn gugar;- . V. I'iess. Now tliat election is over wiiy not cali it by lts rijiht name V The first democratie electoral vote a-i in Michisran Frankün Plerce was elected in 1866, as cast last Mnmiay. In Oblo, Cleveland bad one electoral --t t-. the lirst one cast in state a clenici .ra t n forty vears. The poople f New York sit inietly down and let the politica] vultures of Tiimmany Hall bloed tJieru to the tune of $37,444,000 a year ! Just t hink of that vast ainoiint expended by that plundering product o! American liberty ! The Memphta, (Tenn.) Commercial speiks of an oruranization which is mot very popular down in t ha t sonthernsection as: ■'That great organiza tiim of Joily Beggars known as the Grand Army of the RepubllC." Tliewe "beggare" w in no doubi gel slajiped in the face" duiinir the next four years. A n' opuii field his been dtecovered in Garfield connty, Washinni mi, iew irold mines In Arizona, and niu 'h ■xciiement is i-aiised fhereby. throuffhout the west. Here in Michigan peolle bare been obtaining the paresi ■i-ystal l-.y the wagon load for several days, and have had no thoimht of gettinK excitod ov]er it. 'i'lie demócrata have fitll sweep in itate "' Illinois now, for the first me in tliirty yeai-s, and they ►pag that they will wijie from the Matute 1 ooks every vestiré of conipult-i.iy ednration. 'l'hi'.v know huw to e, ruit iheir party ranks, all rinht eiKra'gh. Kducation is now, as t ala ays has (been, the liane oí democracy. There is iiothini; email alxut the iew ('olunibian postale stanips. One f tbem stu -k on a Xo. ( white enveope looks siiniewhat like a sarsapailla ailvertisement paeted on a w niteid feiK-e.- x. Y. Prese. The Press is a little "off" in its dea of art. The new atampe referred " are really tlie first artistir poetare stanips t'he govemment has ever is■s-ued. In thie death of Bx-Gov. Ilaldwin, of Detroit, the stite lias lost one o!' her loblest men. .and althODgh his body was wasteil by discase, he retained his mental factilties to the last. It was throufih liis ucnerosity that Harris Hall in Aun Arbor, was built and endowed. and there are evidences of li is practical liberality in many places in the stilte. He probably did more for the Episcopal choren in Michigan in a Financia! way, than any other one man. A protestant oliurch has Ix'on ercctd and bonmcrated In Spain ' Do íot tliink for a moment that it was luáetly and eneily done ! No, indeed. It nearly cost the reigning government its power. Uut by postponlng the Mrrtoee from time to time was iinaly aecomplished without bloodshed. Freetlom to tihink, and freedom to worsiiip Grod as one's own conscience nar dk'tate, are slouly but surcly winning flieir wny in the old world. The dia'y is gairely gring by wlien a m;un can be coinpelled to profess a reliirion tliat Jie does not believo, and subscribe to forniH and creeds that he diislikes. Xow tliat the legislature has got down to business it sliould be business rirfht throngh to the end, and the end tiliouldn't be sueh a dist-anee tiway asiisual. Tlu' memlers Should "ge a hostie on," and make the State's Imsini'ss lium tlie same as II it were their own. Xo tiselcss laws ahould 1m enacted, and just as few ■ 1 1 n 1 1 lt ■- made as pos.sible. A good lau, a tax l.iw that ill make the mo:ied man pay his jnst proportion oí laxes : a return to tíhe oíd kerosene oil test ; a revisión oí all tSie legtelatlve and oongreaslonal fllsU-i-ts oí the siatc, in a íair and honnalili' ínannci-; a repeaí oí the Miner electoral law, are some "f the tiiiniís demanded. it .si;ould not take over íiincly davs al tiic oulside to dio all 'ihN and adjourn. Nw that th senatorial contest is over, and Mr. gtockbridge tíiosen by 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 s so lair and lionorallc iliat even Mr, Luce lias glven liis acqulsence in thc vTlii-t in a fírai'cíul way. WOTlld not the Detroit .Tournal have íuiind iisclf at flie jircsc-nt time in a nnich better pcefílon witli its party, liad it adopted the course of t he 1K'troit Tribuue, and state papera, and llol enleicd uto abuse oí tjhe KUCc issíul eandidate Ï lt was all i'i'at Bind proper for i.iie Jauraal lo boom Mr. Doce if it feit friendly loward bim, luit whcn it launched out Into abuse in' Mr. Stockbriilíío it did a very unwiae fhintc ; not only írnin a party Btandpoint, ïmt fpom thi' standiK)int f a (laiiy paper thnt aspires in the leadership of the repúblicas party in tlhe state. The day for snili leadertilp le passed, Benator Palmer %vho opened liis mi-sc in Mr. Luce'fi hchali. i.imlii in h.ivr had sufflcieni poUtlcal Bagaclty t have gnided liis Journal iu a better wuy. A correspondent in the, Sunday Free Prees fiom St. Louis, claims that every dollar expended to help the Wortd'e Fair. hurta every Michigan mmlinnt and belpa bulld up ('hieairo al their expense. llmv absurd! The Fair is national; it is for the benefit of all the people of this oatlon, and ii the state of Mi.ln.Lran. by a narrow, niggiardly poltcy, declines or neglects fo make a proper display Ol her resumiTs tlien the inhabitants ui Miihiiran will ulïer iJien-for. The "hlndsiuiii" of that corresponden! ii [ar superior to his foreetght. The crime of murder Is Increaeing a. au alarmlng rate in Mi is nation. Por the yiar oí 1889 there wciv 8,567 murdera in the Dnlted states, and the record lias fogeed along at tiiis rate slnce then : For 1890, 4,360 : for 1891, 5,906; for 1892, (i.T'Ji' ! It is Indeed a terrible record, and tho people may wel! pause, and endeavor t find a cause. It 1b possible that iiie dass of emigrante that have been luinped upon rair shoics hy the greal tlantic gteamsblp linee, lor the years uenl ioned. may help solve the awlul mystei-y. Durïng the past vea r 2:t( jieople, of whom five uere woin ü. were munlered by lyiu hers. This do s not speak well for a country that ries out aiiainst Ktissian eriielty. If the story of the Tennessr ■■ prlsona mild be told, where men are sold in work in coal anjl otlier mines, periaj)s the figures given above would be Increaaed, and Etaeelans would be jetltlonlag tiue people of the United States to exeivise a little huinaiii'y n tlie treatmiMit of common prlsoners. ■cail Hamilton"- Miss Abagall Dodire, writes Wm. F. (ladstone a Bcathing letter, in whicb she uses tiiis lan.tttia.n'e : "In the name Of God 1 arrainn you. the liead of the Brit-;i üovernmeiu. ior tiie murder of lTorenee Ellsabetl) .Maybriek. nmv dyni.ii in the eouviet pi-Non at Woklng." Purther on fche adde : -The home ■ i -etary of t he late goveromettt, who hiLjiin Khe tortmre ; th#e late prime nini.ster, who Histained him in it ; the present home searctary, wtio conhnmes It- these 'are all as cuilty as you, buit I Co not know whether they llueve in B (iod. You belleve in God. it is therefore because you belleve in God tliat I invoke the witness of Almighty God ivhile 1 charge you with the murder of the Innocent woman in Woking prieon. We have leen askintr jus; ice in the name of Mery. I ask it no moro. I ask ior uwtice and for justice only, and I ask it in her own BBICred name." Miss Oodge evidently beliews in tlie innoceuce of Mrs. M :i ylni.-k. and in eham)ioninii her cause uith a gtrong hand and au eloquent pen,


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