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A Shirt Story

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The t rue soldier obeys orders faithfully, no matter at wbat sacrifice. A company of a British regiment was once sent on some dwty in time of peaie to a remote villano in Ireland and left tbere several coks, quite separa tod fnim lts usual base of supplies. Durinir tliis period ome general orlen a])])li -Miiic more especlally to inen in Uarrack, were neiit to the comniaiuU'r if tlic company. One clauee of tiheee ordena was as í ollowa : "All men in the conunand shall ■haiine tJhelr shirts al least twlce a week." TIh' captain gave orden to the orderiy sengeanl to sec this command iiii Into executtoo. "Bnt, captain," said the sergeant, "there's only :i shirt apiece bo every paan In the oompañy. How can they "Silence !" exclaimed the captain "orders are orders, sergeant. Lel the men iliaiiiie shirts witli ome anotller." So the sergeant soto to it that aa linir ms the company remalned In the place cm every Simday and Ylnc-sday miornln; 't'he soldiere swanned


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