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DIRIGES ?Lain Baking vi_Powder. MOST PERFECT MADE. In all the great Hotels, the leading Clubs and the homes,Dr.Price'sCream Baking Powder holds its supremacy. Dr. Price'9 The only Pure Coutains Creain of Tartar No Ainniotua, Baking Powder. No Alum, its Purity Oranyother Has liever been Adulterant. Questioned. 40 Years the Standard Bucklen's Árnica Salve. The l'.cs! galve In the woild for Out, Brutees, Sores, I 1 oís, Salt Khcum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped ll.-inds, Ohlllblains. Corns, and .'ill Bkln Eruptlons, iml poaitively cure Piles or no pay requtred. ii le guaranteed bo give perfect s&tlsfactlon, or nioney refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbae-h & Son. f THE CREATEST JBLOOD PURIFIER ; KNOWN. fl ThisGreat Germán Medicinéis the S CHEAPEST and best. 128 doses ■ of Sulphur Bitters for $1.00, less d than one cent a dose. mmaM 'S It will cure the worst #r)nn't pvpf C S kind of skindisease, trV?BL nc 5 go'„ , e Ï & J pie on the face to crc-'thev P 2 that awful disease, # mcrcurj ,the} K 53 cnDnnii a t 'Vare ueauly. E 1 leadise' sesf rdS'Í? fe I ta iiinA tn uno # ís jourTwriiut 9 tj J' l II t5 to use. m nAirrn ,.%. C -fl Díin'twnltnn #. COATED -nith a fas J t ii,„ n"#yellow, f Y&.nív # Breath foul ad of" E J '" UAT' # fensive? Your P 'yB-lB" ach is Out of Order. K 2 Use Sulphur Bitters immediately. t 2 If you are sick, no matter what p ails you, use Sulphur Bitters. P íj Don't wait until you are unable t, dj to walk, or are flat on your bark, S X bnt get some AT ONCE, it will p 3 cure you. Sulphur Bitters is w THE INVALID'S FRIEND. Send 3 2-cent stampa to A. P. Ordway & Co., Bostou, Mass., lor test medical work pubüsLied


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