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A Correction That Served As A Good Example

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"J il liever believe wiiat I can'1 fully ïuiders-land," .said a self coiifi(lenl .vouiiir mail. "Nor wlll I," naiil a neeond. "Xeltlicr will I," BBM a third, as tliey all were bogether in a hotel. "Gentlemen," ald a etranger, who heanl tlie remarks, "tliis inorninir I saw sonie geeee In a field catlng graag ; also Bome pdga eating the i, and gome Biheep and .cnvs catino Ihe glWW, all in the same field. wuii the pvese the grasa turned to ieaiiiers ; uiiii the iiüs to bristlea, and wiih the sheep and COW8 to wool and hair. You believe all that dimt yoa ?" ■ "Certainly," was ilie answer. "Ves."' said tttbe slranuci-, "yira lelieve tiie Bact, bul oo one ol ymi understands limv or h,v it is so." And tlie ere lilent, as veil thoy iniüht be. And bo ü is uiih a thousand thlnus hal we all believe, luit do mu onderstand why or limv they


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