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Adam And Eve And That Apple

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How raany applee dld Adam and Eve eat ? 8ome say Eve 8 ;iiiil Adam 2 - a total of 10 only. Now we figure t'hr thing out diifrrently. Eve 8 nnd Ailam 8 atoo total 16. And yet tüie above ügnres are entirely wrong. If Eve 8 and Adam. 82, i ■ci-taiul.v the total will be 90. Sclenli'i men. howcver, on the Strengt h of Ubie theory thai the antediluviana wrrc a ra i' oí ui.iiits, reason like tliis: ]-vc Sl nnd Adam 82- total 103. Wrong aiinin : w liat i-ould be clearer t'lian, if Eve 81 and Adam Sil', the tui al was 898 ? li Eve slist and Adam sii', woulU nut t total be 1,628 ? I belirvc tlir followlng to be a fair solution : Eve Sl-l Adam, Adam 8124 Eve- total 8,938. S.ill aiiother calCUlatlon is as folluus : li Ev 83 I Adam, Adam 81242 oWlge Ere- total 82,056. We think tiliis, Uiorwever, nol a sufflclent quan!ii.-. For 1 injuii-ii we admit that Eve 814 Adam. Adam if be8081242 keep Eve i-ompany- total 8,082,056. All wrong. Eve, whn ehe 81812 maiiy. and jiroliably Bhe feil sorry for it, luit her comiiaiiion in order to relieve (her grief 812. Tüere'ore, when Adam 81814240. y Eve's depressed spirite. Henee i;ot,h ate 81,896,864 applee. Women are nol slow to comprehend. They're qufck. Tneyr'e allve, and yet it was n man wlio dis overed the one remedy íor i li-. i peculiar alimenta. The mam mas Dr. Plerce. 'l'iic ilisi iV(TV was liis "l'avorite i'i cs.riptioii - tiir boon !o delicate women. Why gfo roninl 'witli one foot in t hc gfrave," sufferlns in sllence - mlsiiniicist ixiii - flicn there'8 ; remedy ai li.'iiul that't an experiment, but wfliirh ie eold ander the guarantee tliat if vvon are dteappolnted in any wii.v in it, yon an get your money i.i k by applying to its makers. Wc can lianlly Imagine a woman's not trj-ing it. Possibly it may be true of one or two - bilt we doubt it. WVmen are ripe tor it. They raust liavp it. Think oí a preacrlptloo and n i ne lont of ten waiting for it. ('any Mie OeWB to them ! Woar fur all tlu; year round - Cats. A sitínnl success - The block system. We furnisli Oach one of our advance paying sutscribers, old or new, wlth a full year's subscrption to the Farmers' Fricml. This gives you more reading for th winter days and nights tttan you can get etoewbere for the same money. tf.


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