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■jN. i in, ij- ' - . '"""' -tflJg -""Sr?Li_i ■ n t rf -_r 'The Forum feSf á 93 H.C.POTTE Wfi&gM, CW.EuoT WL ? I "THE FORUM Uto the United States irhatTmXtKBV $K -j 51 l 'Vl.Tt 'M I TSÏNTH CKKTUKY U (o England. and morc-tncomparably thé I ,rSlj tVfll? I il Pi .2T iMt ""W"' twiodicoi we have ever had." V&jt !&TS cïteSTHI FOBUM contains articlea about waat men #iE '■'"fl NSKP are now doing in the world. W#aflL WCFi f The problema and the taaks of yonrownlife and Tï N "W . I govehnor thought , and of oor own country, and of oor own I HoN (f f w. e. Russeu. time; the education of your ohildren; the latest re' Q. F. eouunm I ! _ gultsofretearchinyoarownBpecialstudy;thegTet _ V & . books of the period; the real leaders; the large move' JBhk f M are these not the most lnteresting subject ? 1 ij jjQ i lj #O The ecret of The Foscm'3 hold on ita readen ia T'pk 'sjj y f J. A g' . that ita WTiters make it helpful to all who think. [ (n YáÁ '%&Htw3&i It8 readera 'onn the dominant part of every pro&fr JtE) &xyLm wÈfeaaion, craft, and claaa-thoae who are aoceeeding iÊiJt{ , Fl' Jil&P f bocauaethey have a correct meaaure of the intelleci&fêjjT' M'? ""v tnal forcea and of the larger activitiea of American '- lif fkedcrio life, the best-informed, and the most ambitioua. uf HunwoN Ita writera are the leadera of thought and of acT' A' V"L" I tioneverywhereandinallkindaofimportantwork. t Aak the beat informed man in your commnnity I f JÊÊRT i what he thinka of Tes Fohum, or end to u for r iffek I mtmt _A the wTitten opinioDê of Bome of the leadiDg men in SK& L uz&i 9 yonr State, and in all other States. 7t iS !i-. & TH1PO8ÏÏÏ: Osioa8quire, Jlwlort. I57er. jlBfclê' lrNVTScur or "lrouffJlanv MíaNísAíd uíMcriplíon opencjí or íooJc-üct XHffVy w f "S'w nw Mai110" Crawto10


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