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Why Mother Is Proud

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Look in Sla face. look in hl ejei, Roeulsb and blue and terriMy wlse- Roguish nd bina and qulek tosnWlu'ii mother comea In ú tired as eau bc. Oulckest tofind hernicest oldchalr, Qulckest W s-'it at the top of the stinr. Quickost to See a kis. on td. i-i..-ok Vould belp bt far more thau to chatter, to I.ook hl'iüs face and Kiiess If yon can Why mother is proud of lier liule iniin. The mother is prond-1 111 tll yon ■ You can see II ïourseli lu bei tender Uu. Aud why? Well, of all her deari There is'scarcely one who ever hears The moment she tpeaki, and Jampa to see What her want 01 wlêb muy be, Scarcelyone. They all forgct, Or are not iu the uotiou to go quite yet. But this ahe knowa if her Boy is near. There Issomebody oertalu to want to baar. Mother is proud and she holds him (ast, Aud kisses him first and II lases lniii laat ! And he holds her hands and looksln lier face And hnnta lor her spool, which is out of place, nd provea that he loves her heiievur be can- Thatlawhyaheisproudolherllttleman.


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