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Why He Smiled A Sickly Smile

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One of tlie grain operators on the igo board i' trade was married short time ago, and, of eourse, hc lust time lic Bppeared on the oard ai'tei1 his lioncymoon he was Bttb ■ teil in niaiiy congratulatlons and nm-li g(d natured hantering. One oí bis fiicnii.s, alter congratnatlog him. enddenly reached over and ook a long brown aalr from bis lioulder. "Ijook'.s bad in a marrled man, Ti ksr," hc cxrlaiincd. bolding it up to the iglit. "Oh, that's all rltfbt," sald Tlcker, smiling, "it's my wife's." "No, no, th-at wtm't do," responded the frieiui. ■.vour wife's liair is darkr Oban tliat." This made Tlcker i trille angry, and ie exelaimed, exeitedly, 'T teil you t is my wife's. I jyuess I know my wife's Ivair wlien I tsee it." "Well, you eertainly ouglit to," Baid the triend, garing intently at it. ''Iïut are you eure it's your wife's ?" 'Sure ? Of oourse I am. Why do you ask ?" "Ob, I thought perhaps there might be a ïnistiake. You eee, I found it on Browii's shoulder just l)efore I saw 5'ou." Tkker's smile was a sickly one as hc invited the crow-d out.- Boston Globe.


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