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A Few Hints On Good Manners

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Cultívate dress os a fine art, for minute attent ion to personal adornment and elegance of toilet is the diíty of every man or woman in Olvilized ftOCiety. It is the outward show tfrat enables the world to judge of u personally, our character, reíineraent and condition, of the station in life in whieh we are thrown. It Is a duty we owe our family, our friends and the world at lange. It is the passport to good breeding and the support of fine mannere. Never eat bonbons or confections of any kind on the etreet, in vehicles or in public places. Munching weets is considered by all refined and intelligent persons ae ill bred and provincial. Stiidy repose of manner. Swinging of arme, humming of tunes frequent contortions of the face and restleseness of feet and hands aro not only very trying to your family, but tiliey are a source of irritation and annoyance. to otfliers. Never disouss yourself, your 6ervants or domestic affaire. In polite circles converaatiooi is of a nature so general tliat coiittoued talking of one's self is eonsldered ill bred aind vulgar. Never interrupt conversations at aaiy time or in any place. A good listener ki .a great boon to mankind. There a code of rules which is the fesult of all these social olwervances. A sentence, on incident, an opinión expreseed ehould le given without interiuption. Be careful in carrymg small bundles or .pareels on wJiich the name of the hop-keeper appeurs. A silk bag for these Miiall purchaseB obviates tliis difficulty and makes the buyer n lielpful artivle In travelling or nhoj)ping. It is not necesary at all times to offer your eeat to a lady in a street car or omnibus, but there are two tiaises wjien 5t ehould be the inevitable rule - an elderly person or a vonian with a child in her anus. To eirlier thl courtesy 6hould be extended. (Vynsideration for age and Uelplessnees is always appreclated.


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