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Real Estate Transfers

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F. N. Rice to A. M. Rice, Ypsilanti - íl.% K. B. Whitlark to W. W. Whitlark, Ann Arbor 500 Johu W. Pool to C. V. and Alpha Gregg, Chelsea - 5,500 E. K. Tnylor to F. F. Taylor, Dexter 1 Chas. Fletcher to A. Fletcher, Ypsilanti 7,000 F. J. " ' 500 A. H. Fillmore et al, to A. A. Brewiug Co., Ann Arbor 1.200 1 Sam'l G. Miller to G Brehm, Aun Arbor 900 R. Brook to Mary Williams, Lodi 1 M. A. Congdou to Jas. L. Deunison, Saline 100 Hattie Robbins to G. and M. Black, Cbelsea - 600 Chas. F. Reinhart to Will Howlett, Ypsi 00 Sarah Crombie by beirs to Sam'l M. Crombie, Ypsilanti- 1 Peter Tyler to Edgar H. Casler, Ypsi 400 Eugene Gibney to Catharine Gibney, Ann Arbor 1 Henry C. Acker to Trim & Mcüregor, Ypsilanti - 25 H. Hardinghans to A. A. Brewing Co., Ann Arbor 10,000 Albert Abbott, by Sheriff, to E. M. Chllds, Augusta 1 Trabee Goldsmtth to Alouzo E. GoldBmith, Yp8ilauti - 1 Rosana Trimlin to J. E. Matthews, Ypsi 035 Isabella Smith to Trustees oí M. K. Church, Salem - 1