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Musical Concerts And Lectures

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■ i'iiivi-i sity Scbool of Music aas enjoyed a very bu icees-ful semester, Lind thi' wurk of the se -(111(1 semester c.-uly ander w.i.v. Reallclng tlint ove of Hifi ino-i essemtia] features of musical educa ; Loo i the opportunJty of ïistenini; to fine music, the series of concerté for the second semester wlll exceed in Interest I of the first. Prominent among these concert s s the series of ('hnnil. t ('on- lo be gjven om the evenlnga of Man i -J. 1 1. 'SA. April i: nul May 4, in Newberry Hall. Senaon tickets for these concerté luavc been placed on sale at the usual placee at the low piic of $1.50. The Detroit rhilharmonfc Club; Edward Baxter Perry, the lil'inil pianist; the Milwaukee Trio, of witten Mr. Scliniaal is the leadinir member, have been engaged. r.i's;iie i'iiesi. roncerts, Paculty Coni-urts and Pupils' Recítala will le given. It s ï.ut fair, in view of the numeróos concerts, whii-h are thrown open to the public, that the Chamber Coneerts, which involve a large outlay, sauuld be well supported. The followJng Ib a lit of at trac t lona for tii,j eecónd semester : Mnr. 2. First Chamber Concert. : ' ii. " 11, Lecture. Subject to be anuounced. 1 1. Seeoud Chamber onceri . cltal. . Tblrd ( i. eert. . Lecture. beannounced. April !. [tallan Opera. A. idtal. eert. ■ia. A. A. Stanley. May I. Fifth Chi U. Organ Recital. A. A. ötanley. Lecture. Bymphony Program. - i ick i'. m.' icert. Choral Union Bei 'on Symphony Or-rra. ■' 35. Faculty Concert. nolis Recital. ' ia Papila' Recital. " 17. Faculty Concert. Grond Closiug Concert. Tlw? demoiats in Kent COttüty last Saturday noniinated Wm. ('. Gro-ve, and Allen ('. Adsit, democrat, for circuit court judges. Tliat offke ií everywhere looked apon as nonpartiean. It is aid that J vuige Allen IS. Morse, wlK'ii he made a speech at the deniocraiic state convention yesterday, took occasion to roast the repiibliname. Come to ttiiink abaut it the republic-ans tUaned liim alive last Hall, didn't üUiey ? -o A man w'jtli a nose for news has found out that nearly every member of Cleveland" cablnet has had to eacriiic a luw practico of $20,000 to $50,000 per year to accept the place. All smart men, you ee ! ISra'm.s Bnaioa by the trasbl ! l'ie.-ident Barrigón has ca lied an rxtra sossion of the semate to convene Marcli 4tli. 'Ihis will give our frleode the enemy, tm opportunity to organizt' t'hat body at once, and commence tlic work of filling the offices. Presdcnt Harrisou has been very kind to t'hem. Will they appreciate the courtcsy by -(!ilinniii!i lii.s nominations ? ('aitcr HarrlsoD lias been nominated ed by ttw democrate for mayor of Chli;i.sii. WUeo Ui1 was mayor before, the criiiuiiai claeeee liad tilinga their own uay. and he is tiieir candidato. If he is elected mayor uow, cveryoue wlio goee to Chiraifo tO seo tile WorldH Pair noxt siiiaiiuT, wcarinií a elean rollar and a decent neoktio, will need to liirc a private detective to accomli.uiy liini. It will ba a disfrace to igo, and keep Umusamls away trom '■ fair, ba eled snch .1 man mayor. It :- alt ogei hier probable t hal the tttutiona] convent ion, whirh a few 01' thi' people voted tO have. at tast Ball's electtoo, and tibe srreal bulk of people hm ve con.-cni tO by not VOtüï at all, will moet next August, about th' l.'th, and continue in B8Biion sixiy ilays. ESacb representatívt' district wlll le allowed ooe memlier ; whkii is an error; aa one memlier for cvery Benatoifel district would be ampie. I.ari;' bodJBB are unwleldy, and never accmnplWb what smaller bodiies do. Washtenaw couaty wlll le entitled to two members, and tliey slioulil le Bcleotcd for theif ability aaid not Sor their politics. The two (artlee stvould agree on the very best lien ïhcy eau Bnd in tlie county that ■an be Induoed bo accept and elect h "in without oppoisLtion. If we nre )bliired to Have suvli a convention it mjrht ii be made as able as poesible. Makes a Sandwirli -Hawaii. I' ltliy lucre - Dirty bank noteB. ('an be countod by tlie dozen - Jui


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