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The Northern Pensioners Will No

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doubt íind out tíhiat Hoke Hoax. Gres'lumi mny ii.-ivc had varioiold, imt i geni i e demo rei c sma.ll pox.- Sloux City Journal. tl Mr. i i - ir.i wlth lila catrinet, business. Ui' la : .;" maa I ■ lire wit It. It lo k i mtv mu h were In tlie mMd] - and tlini il taken tho ent raj. . In wlii h the reHiblfcan ji:i 1-1 y w i (allure. Tibí ■ ung men. At 1 -ii in t hiIu I tlie .-mu i . the N"ay. ,-M! Look.s llke ante bellnm flayg, enougb. Jf sarj of Hlll'e i n.'ip convention. ];'. vul may not lic ti better man th.-iu lic was a bul lic i. more. - N. Y. .l'n in ( leveland's cabinet, it is gtated. i.cfs gee : Wasn't i: iims ju tin' ChlciftgO ]i!. tlating ili" "i:nluc In luence" "i ''monBtrona and gfgimtlc" corporations ? : M'Vcl'.'ll Ol (l-'Yclaiur.s trw re ooi mt.v euphonlouB, (■( : ! [oke Smit h mr inBtaooe, int " bhere all n't i It, by .Tiuks. Toe "Ji of ( Q, D. C. next Saturday, M . win ernl(ïln lioi ■ llliby bciim ent demi in taki' b ly in : Mr. L!ncoln!8 blrtfaday re1 ly.Tur amin Harrison. But the Judirc can ne inanh(i(i;l rea I lent Harliip, in .-;. maiisir.]). in p i : no not rn mis on tl ited upou Qnover Clevelamd's tiead. A ■ annex the Sandu I Canaila. Ti:, ; rlght. Anncx Canada i DnWed SI w on] !i i. l'n :le Sam needs tlie Sa.ndui li I.-lands to warm bed, tont Queen LJliukolmal shoulil I!Ot "'m It." Adiiaii l'r The Pollowlng is (rom the Monroi Coniinc:-, i ii : ■The Commercial last fil that the democratü judiavy a could do do pier lililí' :lian to Uoo o! Judge CLnnee by putting In line witl pcurtteanahlp as ti juili iary is the 04 i lot) Oi JackgO] comnty icimlilicans xrbn last weel piaccil the name ol democratie .ludm i'ck uu ticket tor re-electkm." Th.e govemow of MTera] Southcn states propose a eonreotion to organ Induce immlratlon. Texas Wlltlj ■■tlidiisands ol her bet CltlZeOB' tmmtag b man tied apon a platforn mi tliai all eould witness his agony Aviiiie cine man "punched oui ili ■ lm wlth a red ho iron" and "scarid iiis tongue o tha lic could .not cry nut" WOUld I capital "tract" to encoorage Imml prat ion.- Chicago ínter Ocean. Ai [aal 1 ha - ertataed who Hoke Barita s. II. la a Georgia ■■(■raiki T." 7t '. "rigtit on Tin' dead," yon kuiiu. bhat a majority oí Cleveland'a eabdnel tue demócrata I The prohti 8. iiaw nominatecl Imuel cim, í. for Buprenw JnstI ;e ; Dr. ;. C. - f Plymoulli, and .T. M. Culk)UÍ, Mí Adrián, for regeot. Cleveland World : Hoke (rol thero. There la no hoax aboui it. Hokey, pokey, plckery, p Smiih. oíd boy, yi i Une. when a . rteee aod s.iys. "I aia o ■ .t," wlil licar a yell rom i'vriy tjaarter, "Wfrlch kind?" ■ j'li In North II.,!,: i for a democrát . m in th.' rnii-cl Si uenate tor th" next sis yoars, onght t(i show up the iüihncnicnts whlch made linm toi g1 honor. Althougb defeated for re-electlon 1 y a lot of people u-lio u-mi astray, Icd by a Pata] :-n;.-atuu. r.riiiainin Harstration wlll be given a in iist,or, Bceonfl to no other (tent tliis Tiation over had. Ta'v ar i;o is down in Texmghi to ia-s a law prohlWt,- ■ . :a weariag crinoline. . ateo, Bhonld take some acol ■ih.' kind to oflsel tlic hlghly moral tone UiMt prle fightlng gtvea i. TrniH .-■ and Arkansas mlghi thns ciiik i oí thcir lynchlng e s. ierely a suggestton. Milwauki mis earned $338 year '. and $ 17y. ■.■!)■ ■ ■: i B90. J ii the mantlme the umi :i Ie employ 'd grew irmn 20,886 11,127 itely ii'i break In proof prosperlty. - N. Y. Vin Arbor Beeió uit ably finC liably ] .-i rt inon-pa- ig In qaestion. All men fot est man. Au able, impartía!, ■■ f will g'éfve tlan. i the nation. ui lp InugiiTa te 1 i.i' tbe United Saturday ome oí liis will riile in lie in : eqndpage that Washd ever i.iw, go it la announced. simpllelty have ':■■ daya In the oaUtnet oA Mr. Cleveland, as Ítot i, therc were two erHilary A. Berbert, ol Alabama, of the navy in Ol GOV. Ul!--l'il. (JÍ M.lss.'IrhUy. ui Massapal, :i: p] . ol Philadelphla. upletely unknown . ood appointtnccrned. In fact the country ever aw, tu t lïinvcll E. I jllould pos;.■ o! lue i n ti Ara ui for holding a . World's - as Auxillary to the Columa of 1893, among them ! a World ■- oí I ite Pub. wüli special dlvtsions lor Bei iei s, M;i t nd Llterary Weeklii 8, the 1 . and the All Journaliete, the world over, are inviteil to partlelp in : each in eondlvlslon. ple. e common i ple. ererydaj ilks. otens. i tax pay The men who make and unm ike l glBla( AU i Without bardly an exoeptlon. Bel I .--t lntereste o: the .1 in a e 'M of the legislatura. Can ttue legíBlators bear 1 Ai-e you deel ? Tin republicen o colorei man- in íiie [Texas leglelature, saya tüie Aun Arbor CVjurier. Ye-, the col ored iii.-ui - recognlzed Ln Texas, but drian Pi Wrong a.nain. (Tlicre H a oolored n t'he present. Michigan legU h-u ure. BDe baile tpom DetroH . Then ie tlii.s ■! iiotween Texae am M:ilii-,in lmwever : ln Texas, if ; ■id man ie accused of a crime ihey tortore h'lm to deaith, ruiming red bol toóme down hls throat. ii Mieh'u-aii lie boa the same riglits un der tlie !aw iliat hit white brothot


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