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Municipal Electric Street Lighting

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A conclae artlcle on I Ion [ niiini -iiai prívate supply oí ríe ligüiting for Uic streets ol our Vmeri. ;ui citii-s. appeei - Tebuarv mimber oí tbe Reriew ol Reviews, wrltten by Roberi J. Finlêy. Tlie following la a condensation ol le ari Ali!limiL;-h it lias been lees than kíx -rai-s slnoe Held í eleefcric II [ngwaa Hrst emtered by Bh munlclpaliy more tli.i.n one bundred and twenty-íivo ciiies in t he 1 " ni t -ii States wn and ópera be planta. 1 extended acTOse i he conntry, tough mi far i lias been contined ly tu the smaller cltles. NeverIh'Iiss targer cltlca are beginning r iiiat tbeir Bise la not n -ci a aiiy a bar . i tueir entrance npon be aame ooiirse. Ch'teago -lias been iiiy Beven hnftdred mi fjfty arc-llgbts, and the splier atton is rapldly extendlng. Tlio layoi-s ni' New Vnik. Boston, 1'. vljihia, Baltlmore, Allanta nuil othr large íiiics have discusBcd the subu thi'ir joieBeogee. 'l"li . ■ aumber ií;iies ownlng electrlc wurks would be greater than al ics.Mit were W no1 tSiart In many tates municipal corporatione are proiiiitfil trom Incurrlng debt beyond v Btnall per cent., oí I he taxable I imunlíty. inaUiüty tu lSBue onde prevente MHwwakec u 1889 í-oin a City plañí. Ali riably w-hen citlee were ed in ti:. -ir debt-creatlng power ml had applied to tbe leglslature ur the privilege to borrow money vitii whlch to construct work anta I es oí private i orjjora I lona i.-Mv been n hand to oppose and, if Ie, to defeal Mie bilis. e average each arc-1 uncí and direetly operated by twenre citiea is a year. In : aitistica and li the ii uiuuicipalltles, it appears taal nly linee or four of the cities have I on investment. : o t h ri'e per cení . : il value, voiiil ftdd $88.60 fco i ..(1 ires original art ir: Th' rtor that ■ U-red in thia cost, ■ly the proüte which inany of the i ('in liuut supplicd to and i ommercLal hom ".iiilny dollar.-; per lignt per year will ■ much nearer I real mí municipal electric llghtiog In nited Btatea II the reeeipts trom omiueiTiai lampe are dcducted. The av i by priaii' corporatjone ïor oach are-! ivn to le $106.01, or nearly i lamp more tJian o Bnpply iheir own ight. In the oiiiiiariiu Bupilyii i nol i s-'lectetl wliieh tlicii' electric lighting reaear alifc Many e planta ai ton wiili municipal water-works, and thi.s is oae oí the chlel ivhy ith llght aply than private companiea . By ïmi: mming ezpengi vely Ipal plan not operated lor proflt, w pricea of private companles are n latei to yleld a return on the lm ment. 0 tem of pn re-i nte the onl a the i unlcipal and of private ti !■■ lighting. - eheaply as mumicipaU a doubtful (Ue-Tion whether or would. Eleci iiieh are practically precluded fron alaiting In'luenc ! eompetition. On Umited number ol comal '.■ni opérate in the sanie 'ie lime, frec and natural cotnpetütlon made iminiThc (acts and siaCsiirs presented do not Introduce any new prln munielpa] aetion. '! ; enr,.!ia-!r," COnCludeB the artiel-', "whai already been demoingtrated a hundí-e i times by that pursuii - a the'.r very nature are natural monopoltea eannot be B0 economically admlnistered by private corporatlone as iy the govemment."


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