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The Mugwump In Religion

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General R. A. Ak trolt, recen! I; ■■■ V. M. ('. A. ii . iiy. an 1 amoog otier things, saiil : "Accordtag to the general accept;:u,l underetandtag oí the term ni; : Imes, 11 la un lers( ood ihat t'u-i ies i - .-ii o upatlon tor gain Mu i'.c. viii;i asklag aiHiat a man, ve ;-. baJI1 crf Bayiag, 'wha1 iness '." anl ií In answer 'he a a n (i c Blonal man,' a 'm an employé "í any kind, we are api ttls name íroni I bUBl wróng. "I would (.■iiie b an 'honBuBluese la tliat b a man '.'mis bo Imsy hiinself it ma i ■ era nut whether e ie a preachr of the goipel, or man3tatea, a tol lor at the ila.k.-mitirs fOTge, OT 'neail of lie ,le])ar:niciit of ptate : a clerk in ore or tte proprletor ; a manwbo arries the hod of brlcks anmd mortar 0 tlie top of the buJldlug; the man vim : Is work, or the owner. Business' covers them all, mul each is 1 'business man.' ■'An lmiinral'l" .anibition is always lial to BUOCeeS. It s s.i in thr rmy ; '.' la .-o in I -ons ; it n i ommercisl an i all oth walks fllfe. It te eo In loe- 'A faintiieait. 'The rlver never rteea hlgher au .is eouTce,' and man never goes the poltot whcre ho i-ceks to i:ml. "So asteo are meo crttteiaed becauee of poMtlcel ambition. but tliat is the ..-lllt ,; lllurulltlr-surss 1111(1 JIOt Of An alderman expeets me I i be a mayor. A mayir turas luis sear ii-l'-in towarda the □fltoria] ii:iir, and a gcvernor Iwaya exped s "H" Ime to ti '''llt Statee. Thee re PlgOit. Men hare :i rlghl I :;11 the botter . and whill ittle I::ch. ii Ís better to aim high a lo aim or tire at all. "Hm difftoulty witib t! man : illLT hie cannot wait. 3 ihat tiie rootdi cp and well ilanted te eesentlal to tne growth oí ree. Many are frequently mhs3 falae reporta of the succesa ol ase (Liss.-n is .'ii be ■ :.■; ter tlian they. Whil ■ i trae t lia t meo are uot born alike n abllity or conditlone, it is aleo true I tuoee who have made the gri a I ■i ii"vs lu every avocatlon ol lií.' ni' ti:;:-!' fflm hare been thrown p)i- own resourcea and lia ve workmI ivn iviiy Uip fpom the bot(üii rotund of tbe ladder." ■ aera] ai-.l i to de ine the musrwTimp i:i religión. 'There are fcwo claseee " people- mer. The need not I bed. All mow and recognlze bina. í the lat;v,i h;r ! ion,. ':i4'ii i ::' without aiiy espectieth- .- íair queU(Ona'ble ín oa not ídentl'.', Ui ; 1 1 1 .- or trade, ornera in ihout hla -. without flttendlng to -. or trying lo build up ; his own tn att end to. Efe le a 'mugwmnp' in : . calle all iklng, -vko does in: ■ sell with any ]artinlar cliurch organization, ni (!ai'kcn i he door oí any b i and does little for the lie apiar.-nil : laith in - preeented t liim, 'mugwump' in religión. So, too. ma.ii wlho ia too gwod tor any party le a mugwump in poli! "Pi ■ urch ornagiza: ganizations, faniily oriraniza tion-, ae well as thoae " state, skouid be clearlj actled. They ave tlm liíc's blOOd tliat insures th ■ lucalli ;" he boüy and Btreugth of tile oranizat inn, and when once the : I - low or t le Interest becomee IndUferent, decay beglns. Disbelief is better than apathy. 'JhFormer can lie cured, the latter is a luoi i - i!:"1'rue. i-iiiri".oniiliims and opportun:ii'l may aid in pavlng w:iy to proSperíty, altbough in maiiy ■ they remove the incentive to action . i - a ii r-sent iai element tor bucHowever, the rule is that nothtng tliat is Milisiantial and lasting followa aeddeat. ■■Ve hear it fpeqnently sa-ld that BUCh and Kuch íi man is lm-ky,' and peaklog of lude to a rugged oíd man, who liad isuL-coeded fairly well in Ufe, and who passed the threc acoi-e and ten mile post, he said : 'Don't talk to me about luc-k , glve me t'he man !' "líe sjtrndfast, in your pul-pose, l.ife is a long coiitinuous battle which Ss never eaitlrely won. lts suso lar as mortals aro permitted to Buce 1, te over a steop and rugged roail. lm: tlieie s place tipon its ery man to stand ! , pal ience on 1 deterIon i o climb to It. Nrer ob.-ii-ii-i otbers iut alwaya aiJ them. Al beet, In your dlIMcult and olten climb yon will meet ïiKiiiy íaiiü-iu'.-iricMi, who 'fearlng liona in the patli' have turnrd back. 'Face ! about,' if poaeible, for In giving courage and a balpJng hand, vdu will .-t i--iiu:i h 'ii yourself. Buccess ;- measu Mr.rss. an-l by ea b aetlng wel! bis wn part. "Be patüent, int ao1 content. Be Induabrtpue bui care ui ol your pbyslc-.-il bealth. Be manly In all your dealBe cautions in your agreements, :. hen "i -i' 1 1 ; 1 1 1 ■ . full'ill tlirin ti) o matter wha1 the Bac.i young man man '111 mi v eed in tile. Sacb a clerk will ! a merchanl : such a ... Il] be uur au employer of men. "Öne gTeai eecnei o - ti1-" bablt ol savlng. Tliougli your earnI.' snuall, live within your mcans, and save sometiihig to at interest. Tkis H eesentlal, botn lor rhr 9avlBg8 and the halit. Never .-.ii appetlte for luxurlcs fiat will break througii these rules. Do not bl yoursi'ii about i-n ;-ii recognltaon ; it fllways íollows real merit. It Ie murh bet ter to be sought after than to be continually BeeWng. Water iinds its level. Men In th main are nn-asui-ed at ttieJr fcrue worth. 'Emulation witbout envy,' is the only siiniulani yon .-hould taki'. Be cautious Hut not BÚspdclOUB. He who conetantly aeeerts bis own lionesty will bear watdüng. Jt is natural to írnil a weak poïnt. Blus ter is not cuurajie. ■'I remember woen b small boy, dlrected by my teacher tu com: hing in "epeak i i 1.' I have little memory ol t i .■ 1 1 èompositian save lts title. How ii .ame to me I do not recall, but it pertiaps 11 of a royr. Netthier do I remember v.-i". it : a bloody nose ior me or mot. It wouli.l nót Bar] il I I I have old ( omposütion, w-hicii I have ; to re salí, i md with the tacl tha1 lts ti 1 ■ was ,-i verj good tliing for a mm to live i: was 'Mind ïour Own Busl■II i ■ ■ i Baarlly follow iiiiiii. ] .-!ial! d conversa) ion bet vveen Willlam II. A'anU a:ml inysrli In his own home, m:l v.üJiin a week '. hls death, in wh.Uli he eaid, 'A man who has ■:i e better ;i ih:'.:i li" who is ncil v."it.ïi too mil ■'■!.' However, ijic'i-c ïiiui he some incentrlve in li.'e, r Ufe would oease. "H WÍHO ,-ay.s he lias enough ;:ml stops :.s aeually taken ;i hls word nul it off. However, mvn large industriei to manage grovt Into liabits of life that they anren if tihey would, nor 11 thcy could, for algh thcy nmy not Deed that sa to Uwin tis a result, they are il line !to hlp otiü '■"J : imjiLs we have m iry titles - bn the race of Life ■ :■ tncUvii I the "I would not i; Of ïaaiicy. But do nol ü3 . A man belli rtain w :n )í a he at I will [inde ee 'iiim n - real and If it ■■: mee to lilm, BTilt, and jio matter vvbat the p a happiaess upon it, he looks out apon (Bé world, a vau! his earthly I r uree, a.mi wondere why it dors not elake hüe itblrst. The bruth is. good Lord never intended iJi;it man ild he entlrely satisfled wlth au rai-i I . nor vi:h lus cu n place, .- how exalted, Deeame ii he wouiil in' oothlmg better for ïi'.m i i emjoy : I bej ond. "Men (oed Imag wifch thoughi iha; svorldly gaJn in dolteTB and nis f., niai which is moei that tuapp-ineee ha tneaswed I . and inluin r te Increaeed witb gain. In iiam they aee groal po and correeponding happiness. Tin-y dream i that which iü never in pase in iiiis ufe. They struirgle In itbe mormlng oJ Ufe i"!' b place wlivrc öhey niay lle down iu cómforl a.nd htonor sit thelr noonday, and at noem time, findinjj; ttoelr hopee not, reaözed, t continue the Btruggle, tliat toward ithe eveoang fiicy niay reai the harveet whlth never rlpens. "Outeide of fcme's oivn bome, and tïie cúrele of his fr lende, there is but one plae twüiere a man can íind any large meattre of gratification and Ilhtit ík -vhcn forgcitiiiL; liimself he tibie Nalents ie has ancl can spare to aid tJiose less fortúnate than liimself. tin ii wil! your plans. Map out npon life's .hart your course, and follow it. 3Be Bteadlast ; never faltcrtag, and you wlll win." Mr. Cien lamí ba!d tJiat buelneia men BiMuld liold office under his adniinispatdon. lliiw ■; tíie íeeoyd so far as W li:ivc 1 ? John (. Carüslt, oí Kentncky- a awyer, and cramsel tor corpora-tdons. "Walter t. i ireeham, lawyor and circuit judirc. Ilukoy srailh. lawyer and editor, ind ( orpoj-ation attorney for - 1 11 the KoutlK-rn eytem oí raïlway. Walter Dissell, au oiii law partner, ;iinl au attorney for eorporations. Jü i:avd Oíney, oí MasBacJiusetts, auattomey, and aleo said to be In ihe etnploy oí eorporations. HÜary A. Herbert, of Alabma, a iirin' --. n a-ttorney for. ciiri claims. J. Sterling Morton, oí Nbraska, t man al any ol rJicin : Oh, yes, we came neer forgetting luim. Little Dan. Lamont, also of Xcw York. 1' Dan. II 6tulld ]:iw (.1! '■. Ui; Ji:. nan But tB ti deal o: may rore tn of tho al!. .:: HarriHowell, iurli ; but n&ny oi tj ! on by the bitterly [larC-au mugwump X. Y. Evening i him for nominatiug ow n politleal ia i; i:. Benton lian.h.H, [of thf c' com-t to f:11 Howell'e racaacy. P woulil prereni wl'It] , but tliai'ïi Avhat they are. And, furthermore, tí. ext&ugb oí ihaL samé eiaea lo tlie U. 8. 8raate in prevent tSw conörmation : Hanetbett. You .- ■■ U that i not


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