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IF YÖU WANT To KNOW ALL ABOUT The WORLD'S FAIR And tobe KEPT POSTED In regard to tho iame from now until next December you should subscribe for THE WORLD'S FAIR for tho NEXT TWELVE MONTH3 will 03 ci absorbinc interest to everybody, and THE INTER OCEAN :ntenüs making A SPECIAL FEATURE O7 IT. A corps of STAFF REPORTERS wül ci jvote their attention to tho Ezposition, and th readers oí The Weekiy ínter Ooean -will ii each "issue have a synopsis of all happenings and features of interest on the grounds and elsawñere, With i;iUitr_Lt:ons. ■ m ViLTIÍS' DIPA8TI8W, ffOIiS"S KI.GDOM, CLT.i MSI Ml FlIItBl iri iD LKBASI FEATURES WIU BS H4INIAIgD AD IMPEOÏiB, Owingto tne f act oí th9 cbange in the politioal character c I IJationai Adrninitration. NEWS PROM THE POUTICAL V. OELD wiil be of unus-.xal int=ret. THIS W1LL BE FOÜND OOI IN THE INTER OCEAN. In fact, it is the intention to koe? The Ínter Ocean to the Froni as a Paper for the Hoi And make it sach a vlsltor as will ba enjoyedby EVEET MEM.3ER Oi' ÏHH PAMILT, youncr aal oli. To mata THE PAPER BETTEK 1HAN I;VEa stiall te our endaavor. The Pnce of The Weekiy Ínter Ocean is - HM ftr ïear Tho Priee öf The Semi-Weekly ínter Ocean is $2.88 Per Year 1.3 Veakly is publi3hed EVEHT TDESDAT, The Semi-Weekly EVEET ■ DA Y aad THUE3DAY. Send ior sample copy and see lor yourseli. Address all orders THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago.


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