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,-oyili eo-ed ent int" ■ -tore To parchase 8 copy of Cbauc To the clerk's mild HlrtatlonBhesooaputa Btop, jUshe sald,"Dld I aak for your Jaw. sh -Yak' IUcord. Tïne new studente tor the 2d semester number about 40. The Mini orchestpa win turntah the Junior hop. ""The PM Kappa Pai boya wlll entertain James WMteomb Rlleiy wiiilo in Aun Arl nr next FrUlay. Prof. Arnoll. nf Jolm.s Hopklna Unini-iiy, tnae been Beeured in fill the ctualr v.u-.iiivi by Prof. Belser. The daite of the vi-sit of the legtotature to tbe Unlversity Ji is ïiii.illy I e ii llxed l'riday. Mar.' lOtlii. Ou Sunöay morning I'roï. Geo. H. Mead talkcd beüore t li - - S. C. A. upan '.Icsus' use of thr EmottoaB," Bi Newberry Hall. Tlic Interest in oratory and debate at til1 linivcrsily tliis ycar is Kiincuiiat refreahioK. it begios ti look as ii tbe Uoys had commenoed to a-ppreciatc tiir queetton : "Wht are we ihere for ?" rnivcisity rr(v Oub lias chosea ttie followlng off teer: President, C. A'. EUckotts ; Ttoe-piortdcnt, Miss Mamarrt Sliaw ; setTetary, H. H. Smlth : treamrer, 1". H. Wiiiii. ■Vith,:i warm trtend in the cablnet a.nd a Bt4U warmer frtand as private neoretiary to 'the preeldcot, the 1'. of M. feels aomWha1 as H t was soltd witli the inoinin'4 administration. Dr. Carrow lectured before tho WonKur.s League on Saturday p. m., in t.lif l'niversity lia])el. on ■■The EyC and the Care o: the Kye." It was wel] am-nded, a ml was íollowi-d by a liencral receptSon. Mis. J. II. Wade ga.V a very ]ilrasant "at borne" to the lady studente laBl Saturday aitenioou. trom H to 5 o'i-lot'k. The youns ladi.-s bndugled in fani-y work until 5:l!0 wben tea was :seived. 1 occasion waw hifihly enfoyed by öuose prasent. The slect50n of Henry T. Thorber, oí Detroit, of the law firm of Dickinskii, Thurber & sicvi asoa, by President Cleveland, as hte private socretary, Sb a liandsonie tmi)limont to MMiigan. Mr. .TliulKjr i,s i O. of M. man, havn;í liiaduated with the lit. class of '71. At the senior 1U. oiatorial contest Saturday aTtcnioon, .there wero sx oonteetaate. Measra e. ü. Allen, wtoo sjioke apon "Influenee of America on EngUdi Literature," and II. II. Wulkier, on ''Clm-istUuiity and Iiulividualhun," were the lucky ones, and will represent the i It has been decüded not to reserve - for J. Wuátoomb Kiley's lect.ure on J'rii'.ay eveoáng, hut to try the Choral 1'nion plan whieh has proven so Thds, perhaps, will be a fair ic.-t ni lilis proposed method, and ,will give people an opportunity to judge wliftlicr they likc it or not. Tlio ('lioral rnioii HMnbera are a litilií tardy in depositing thc amount necessary to Meare qurters at Ch'ioago for tlwir vi.sit in June. Tlios who promilsied to go, and upon whoM proniisie tlie quartors were securcil, sluould le promi)t in respondlng, bo a not to place tlic cufiicr.-. who have uono l'orward ;uid made t'lie necessary arraiifii'ini'iits. in an embarrassing poKition. i Theiiirxi concerté to be giren by the ;md Banjo Cluim will be at San inaw ManJi 10, and Bay City Manh 11. At Ja ks ui Last l'rid.'iy uii;1n and at JyrMir Saturday ninlit they were grected with good houses. At Leeile gtwüwHiTig room wblb at a liiciiiiuni. The boye uciT called upon to resjiond to Beveial encoros In each place! Thot-f ds no doubt but that t.hcsc Clubs are bettor driücd, and fíivc a bettr (Mitortainniciit tJian any of predeceasoTS. Ibeár succese rejoí all Dntversity a.nd Aun Arbor people. The elaoa tn tenctng organized by I'roï. de Pont. 15 members. Th r. f Ctuie. has been presented ■with astronómica] apparatus valued at si 0,000. i'n abman Glee club hold reheríais .ihnv -iinics a week. Tbat's -what ,n Bucoeee. F. E. Janette, iinmevly on t U. oí M. Ia:iy. ta to be t ii' Telegraph editor of tlie Detroit Tribuno. The ö. Of M. Demo rat Club Wlll inert to momiw even'iitï, in Ui' law Iriiire room, to elect ofttccrs. Tbe D. of M. Mioátrels gave them-riM' n satlsfactory benefit at the opera house laai Batarday evenlng. A i-iniVM' n musical critieisin is to ir üiM'ii liiis semester, Wednesdajy and Frt-day evealngs, by Prof. Stanley. i i i - - t giame of base ball arranged fnr. will be wlilh the Driinisoii Coligge team of (ranvüle, oiiio, .May 6th. onr of tiic senior lawa is acensed of ]il:iiiiarisiii. Mistake pi-olialily. It niay have been "uii"ons:ious alworptlion." TlMM-e wHl be do Casialian tila year tlie ptates liavhiii been dastroyed by liire in Koston. Ann ArlKir printing (iffi -es are .safe. Diere are eatd to be Ufty .0 of M. gradnatea on tlie 1". of M. faculty. ■ ratvunize luime indiiMtry" is n good way to do. l. üreakey, Hcialinan and Doek acLonipany Uie senior mi'dies on a visit to the "Wayne 00. jnior house and namae asyium. to-day. Nexl sunday. Marcel Bth, Dr. Anus will address the S. ('. A.. at Newberry lla.ll. at 9:15 a. in., on the -Sr-ret of a Stionir Character." Tlii' interest in.the 1 Cture o." J. Whitoini Kiley. next Friday evenlng, appeará to 1h' more tlian that of any er that hns been here this winter. Prof. W. W. Besan geve a rery ; iiisiory of the Chicago Univers:iy. at the Inlaad Leigu last Monday eveüinir. The University was itouiKled by Stephen A. Douslas, who geve ten aerea of land in 1850, as a site. Mond.ay evinjit; the debato held td select three orators to repreeeni the ü. of M. in tlie inter-miivereity debate with the l'niversity at Wta -oiisin, was a de ded sucees.s. Mr. E. J. Ottaway l)re.-'n!ed. and Messrs. I'urdy, LlpsOO and .leffries were Mie rted. The Younii iPeople'a Vesper serviré-, Jield in the rhapel oí St. AndreWs chui-ch Sunday evriiiniis at i:'-'A) o'clock, cure gettitag ti be quite popubajr, and itbe cbapel will booo be too small to hold ilie a inüen -es if the intei-et keeps on iacroaelng. Marsliall P. Wilder has, perhaps, tihe most extended ïvputaiion as a huniort, oí any lecturer now upon tJie platform. He never fails to keep . uilU-ii -.-e interested. eaturday rviniiiiii he is to appear bcfore the sttid-nis''Lecture Assocdatlom, and he wJU be greetod wtUh a big house. Seate can be securcd tO-HMROW niornLn.ur at Moore c WetmOPe'8, and at Slueelio.n's. The lcirisla tin-e will makc no miêtake in visiting the Vniversity and the Normal Sobool. .These lixrtKutlons are ararprtakng to people who have nevr visücil thera, amd aíter a legislator hiis Jaeen here and seen wltb his iuis own eyes, and knowa wluit is beni; dome and whsit is needed to do wltb, be con vote underatandinKlyThe Dndverelty Ie doing the greatesi work of iiny cdin ational Instltutlon in Que Avoiid, consJdertng Ite working appliancefi and amount oí money expended. Ibere bas never Imtii a DnivereKty, eitber in the Dnlted States or in a.n.v l'orc'mii country, that has e ((i]]i]il'.s'hed sn mucli, viili ko small au Income. As tbee Instltutlons are i h property Of the state, and the legIslators are Hieif natural guardián, ii is bal just and rlgbt, botb for theinelvee and ilie lnetltutlons, tlun thls visit. slLould be made.


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