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Now February'a shorl on i.i -. And ií abe i not content, w liy can't Bhe borrow one or two 01 tbe foity tlmt :ire l.ent? 3. M. Bulkley, oí Monroe, was in tbe city yeeterday. e. a. Maynard been on the slck 1 .-.-t n day or bo. A. H. Jioys -i coovaleectng from qudte a -crLous stege Ol illncss. W. II. Mclntyre is entertalñing liis sister, Mis. Cady, if Plymonth. Mr. ;iml Mm. John Moore, were in Detroii over Suaday, viBltiag trlends. Mis. Ai-thur Stalkr aad daughter, npent Sunulay witii relat 1 vee In the dty. M:-s Lna Wines. of Howell, lias leen vitinn' Aun Arbor frlends during the week. Mise ( olernam, öl Chicago, is vlsltjiï Mis. I!. S. MrClure, at t:ie ('ook HOU sr. Mis. a. L. X(hic went to Bay City Saturday, to ittend tibe funeral of an un;-le. Mis. .1. ,T. Fanhal] eotertatoed Mis. strvciisdii ol Peekaklll, . V. last weck. Mis. V. II. Wliitmarsli. i Milan, bas been vi-iiiinr Mrs. 1!. F. Watts for a few days. Fred G reene, wiio lias been visithig hls ancle Prof. '. E. G-reene, h:s returaed bome. Mrs. J. H. Iee, ol Mt. Clemeas, is spendJog the week at Gil 's R. Lee's,O'n X. Sta te st. Mis. Aildic Ryder, of Andover, 5d is tiic mies! ui lier mutile!-. Mrs. Tripp on E. Huron 8t. Chris, lleinzmann. of Bay City, visiteil his inoilicr and other relativos lierc last week. Oity ('l.'i-k Wm. .1. Miller look in the democratie state convention nt Detroit yestci-ílay. City Clerk Millt-r and ie entirtaineil Peter Miller and daulit -r, of Ypsilanti, over Sunday. Iíev. J. M. Gelston íilled t U ■ pulpit oí one of the Presbyterian churches in Detroit, last Sunday. Hon. E. I'. Allen, oí Ypsilantl, Ls :n Wa.-liHiig-ton, D. C, 'taking in the closöng Bcemes of toiiLti-i-s-. Kit Matti'.vws a-nd wiic. oí Owógso, .s]icnt Bunday ;with thelr nuother Mrs. CMnton, on E. Catharine 81 . Mr. and Mrs. X. 1!. Beer, of JVvAila.nd. v:.-i'i(Mi relativee and Crlends in tin' -.ty during the peet week. J. K. Yocum, ol ('li'lsi'a, lias been the gueef of his davghter, Mrs. F. A. Howlett, durlug the week past. Mrs. Wm. Allaby, Jr., eclelu-ated liirthday Sunday, by glvicg her aily irieiuls n sleigbride during the arternoon, and aervlng te i at 0 o'clock. Mrs. Hand, in Ciiari;t.t e. lias been Visitih. her párente, Mr. and Mrs. Alanson Moore, on X. Thayer ut. durng the .veek past. Dr. Kapp, av'Iio arrived home from ugo Sunday, reporte his son Lee, who ï been erttloaUy iil. to bc now in a fair way to recover. Mr. and Mis. Morris, of ( hieago, who had been the guests of Mrs. Victoria Morrts, on S. State st., for ft few days, returned to their home Sunday eveniiiiï. Mrs. Eva Cuming.s and Miss May Wood, of ( irlx-a, have been visiting Mi.-. Howlett, of E. Ann st.. during tli e week. Mt. nul Mrs. W. C. Sprague, ol Detroit, spent Bunday wltii friends in our city. Mr. S. s jircsiilfin of the batig! - - law SCihoDl li'ii tilie vi.Miutry. A letter trom Ohas. s. Fall to relativas here, repori tliat they have all arrivcd al Los An.m-li's. Cal., saic and wi-11. '1 hi'.v liiiil everythlmg tli-re in biiHiin and beautiliful. Mi.-. E. A. Katiiiiimr lefi yesterday ftr Georgia, wbiere sbe wlll visit her mot her. aml also her daimhti-r. Mrs. I reOTKla Mi-l'li.-l-soll. Rev. ll.Miry Tat] ided tho cf es at. st. Joton'e churi-li. Detroit, l;ist. Sunilay eveaing, 1'ntlu-r Huntlngtoo, m' Xcw ïork, .- 1 1 1 l ■ log a united meeting of all the ehaptens ui Brotherhoo'd oí st. Anirew, at lliat thni'. Kaim.v C. Scott, wiio ha.s been travelnir in Australia, wvitcs tO n-inuls tere trom Sydney, N. 8. W., tliat the tihermometer Btood a1 116 degT ea in tlhe gbatïe. Be lefl there tor Honolulú, -u-hert' be probably la at ihis t.lmc.


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