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Oh, Wouldn't I Like To Catch Him ?--the Fellow That Looks Like Me!

Oh, Wouldn't I Like To Catch Him ?--the Fellow That Looks Like Me! image
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The fellow that impereotiated Cha. E. BUscock, casfaier ol the Aun Arbor Savinu's Bank, se-erna to be Btuck on the name and, aa .1. V. K: hards, city efïftor of the Waterloo da.) Courier, wrttes to Mr. Hteeock, "he is surely the smoothest man that lias underrakcn id make hay in lown." In hls letter Mr. Ri hards enrlosed ivwspaper sllpe From whirh the tollowing is rondenscd : IYb. ui. flie (ellow wan in Water[oo, i.i.. and regúatered ai the Logan House aa "C. E. Hteoock, Aan Arbor M! ii 'uaii." He liunted tip a real e:ate íirm and said t ii ■ ]urpone of Ir:.-; visil vas tn lonk up a loiation fpr the Mi-hi.uan Furniture ('n., of Anti Arbor. 'Ihe ])resdent oí the company liail 1 .e-u ta WaterliM), and reported tlmt it was the moei ilesirable place he had heen a-bte to Bmd. The company pro; -eii glYlmg employment to 183 men, He tfhen called at tho Flrsi Xai;on;il Bank and tried to get tlie nuomey on a iei-ti:red cbck tor $850 draun by liiinself OD the Ann Arlior S;i:;:ï l'.ank and eert ;ied to by the liank. He sai.l he wantod to use a líttle nioney to binil the barirain on Mme property he bad purchaaed. When ('alhier EJigrhmey said he must 1' :deiftiïied he was so pleasant and ■enlleniauly tliat tlm bank peop] ■ wei-e alinot airaid tiiat they raight hurt hÚB íe'liim-. He said he would be in tlie uext morntng and be Identiïiied. lnsieacl oí ili. he liin.-d a team lo lak" hiin to Hudson. The next day lie tried to pas.-, torged checka tn Dos Mojh - :dmg in getting about $250. 'i ie name 1'." uaed tliore was John Müler. Later he became musal a ml worked off a certified check oí $450 eodorsed by t'liu Des Mo Piano Cu. A detective at Bloomlngton, 111., - r,( i-fwaril for the arrest of a man Wh se (!e: rijilioa is remarkably Clase to ii::it oí "Mr. Iliscock alias Scoít." Th des.-riptioii oí the man as glven in XUi' Waterloo Courier, is as follows : "He is a fine appearkig man, ai.i.ut ." íeet 7 Inclusa tall, weiglua about 160 pounds, dark hair, smooth face except a black mustaclie, wore dark cloiilies and soit hat. had immaii ulate Unen añil a large diamond ornauK'iitod hi.s .sliirt bosom. He liad a very pkas.inj; addrees." - Daily Tjins.


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