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Motor Line Time. In tffrrl OCt. 1, WW. I.cavc Ann Arbor, from Court House, at 7:20, 9:30, 10:. ft. m., añd 1 Ml SM, 1:20, 5:50, 7:20, 8 LeaveYpslÏÏÏnti at 70,90, 10:30. n. ín., and 12 :40, 2 :80, 1 :00. 6 :80, 7 :w) h ::K), 10 ;80 p. ín. 8UNDAY TIMK. Leave Aun Artor, from Court House, at 2:20,8aO,5:aO,6aO,8dO,9dSOp.Jn. Leave Ypsilantl, ut 2:00, 3:30, o:00, 0:30, BSO i', ni. , ... , Nighte of entertainments last train wlll be held to accommodate passengers. J.E.1SEAL. Pres. OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OF'FICK HOTJE8. LOCAL TIJIK. ■General Delivery and j 7J a. m. to fi.00 P M. Btamp Windows. ■ !'■■ to ,.so p. m. "SStóXSS-M ■ - to s MCartier Windows 6JO F. M. to 7.30 P. M. Sundavs- General DelivloP.ft" 10.00 a.m. jAILS M A I LS GOINti KABT. LOSE. D;,SBExpress Ponch to Detroit 7.20 A. M Expres Poucb irom clncago, 111 y; 8.0OA.M. Detroit & Grand Raplds r p ( 1U.4' A. 31. 1I..1U A. M. Detroit '(hu-wo'R.' P.O. 5.15 P.M. C.50 P.M. Express I-ouches from Kiilamazoo, Mich.. Jackion, Mieh., an Detroit, ThreeRivers Chicago . Detroit CÍagR.P. a &■ '■■■ Express Poucb L0 Detroit s.oo p. m GOING WE8X. - Detroit 4 Grand Raplds R. p o "Paoer Train, ..tUa.m. Detroitc6lcago R.P.O. s.iua.m. 9.23 a. m. Express Pouflhe to Chlcago,IU.,Jackgon.Mlch.. and Kalamazoo. Mich... 2 15 r. m Express Poueh irom Detroit ■ . , ■■" " Detroit 4 Graud Raplds p Detroit 'Chicago R.P.O. 8.00 P.M. 7.;:i) a. m. GOING NORTH. Frankfort & Toledo R. P.O. 7.20 A. M. 8.30 A. M. Exnrcs. Pouch from To frankfort & Toledo R P.O. 4.25 P. M. 5.15 P. M. GOINCi BOTJTH. Express Pouch to Toledo 7.00 A.M Express l'onoh to Mllan.. 7.00 a.m. Frankfort & Toledo R.P.O 1L8B a. m. 12 80 P. M Frankfort á Toledo K.P.O. 8.00 p. m. 7.30 a. m ME88ENGER SERVICE: Mail loaves tor Welnsburgh, Tnesdays and Saturdajs ■L"" 1'2S"X Mail arrivés from Wernspnrgh, Tuesdays and Satnrdays oM t. m. Mail arrivés from Dixboro and Geer, Tnedays.ThursdaysandSaturday8, 11.00 A.M. Hall leaves for Dixboro and Geer, Tuesduys.Thursdays and Baturdays, 12.00 m. KVOLNK &. JiJiiAlj, Ann Arbor, Micft., Octobt r ïSfl. Postmaster.


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