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"WANT COLUMN. Short advertisements uot to exceed three Unes, or Lost or Found Houses for Sale or Rent, Wants, etc, inserted three weeks for 25 cents. Situatious wanted. free. FOR SALE- A farm of one-huudred aud sixty acres, well watered and timbered. 4 miles south of Aim Arbor in the towuship of Lodi. This farm is in a good state of cultivation and a very desirable home. Cali on or address E. W. Allen, 65 South l'ourth Ave. FRANCIS L. YORK, M. A., pupil of Guilraant, Teacher of Piano, Organ and Compositiou. Studio, 34 S. State street, Mondays aud Thursdays after Oct. loth. 3m FOR SALE- Two Farms. Mrs. North's farm near county farm aud Bullock-Everett farm in Salem towu. Audrew E. Gibson, 30 Maynard street, Aun Arbor. 6m TOST - About Jau. 9th, pair gold bowed eye J glasses either ou East l'uiversity Avenue, from .Mouroe to Hill, oron Hill from East University to State, or on South Twelith. Return and receive reward to 52 So. Twelfth. LO.sT- A pair of goldbowed eye-glasaes in black leather case. either ou Eest l'niversity avenue, between Monroe aud Hill. or west ou Hill to State, or on South Twelfth street. Returu to and receive reward at 52 South 12th. "VTOTICE.- All anión men are hereby warued -Li agalnst accepting employment in the er liook mul job rooms uutil that coml'uny paya tlie wagei recognlxed ly all the other oflices in the city. By order of Ann Arbor Typographical l'uion, No. 154. 3 w TO EXCHAKGE- Two new nine room dweilIng bouses centrally located in the city of Grand Rápida, Uien, l'rice of houses twenty-flve huudred dollars aud wlshlng purchasera to assume a small mortgaKrc ou each bouse umi lot and glve propertj all free In Anu Arbor for same. Kor furiher inforination, . F. viTill. No. 54, I.yon t.. lioom 11 tu IJ. Grand Raplds, Uien. r1LOSINi; OUT ATCOST.- 78 horse blanketv and 19 fur robes will besold at oost. It will pay uverybody to come and look at I bargalng. Fkkh Thbubbb, V2 '. Liberty St. 54 k UCTIONEER. - t,. Kingsley. Uve stook aud ,' reneral auctloneer. Satlafactlon guaranteed. ISS.Tbaj mu Arbor, Mich. 52 Now is the time to put in your order for thosegrap I other nursery stock. W. f. Bird, West HuriKi stret-t. 56 JT. Jacobs will solí at anctlon liis " Fair . View Farm," sltuated oue and oue-hali outb-easl from city llmlts on Mlddle Ypsllantl Road, March 13, i;. ut lü o'clock on itn slde ol Oourt House in Aun Arbor. 1 . down, ballance to snit purch Now is tilo timo to huy a farm. ne er agaln wi farm land bo so cheap ae it i to-day. 5G STRAYKD- A largo black dog carne to my ;! days igo. Ownei lnqnire at No. 10 North Fourth t. Michigan Iron Mining Co. A. A. Croxter A Co., Investment brokers at (irand Kapids, have for sale at a bargain, 1000 sharesof the capital stock of the above company. Many Ann Arbor, Ypsil .ruud RaDlda capitalista aro ownera of the stock. It is blghly recommondod by eonservatlve linanu rito for particular. This lirm buya :ut Bella good dividend paylng bank stocks. aoes iurnished. Urotiiiht up by band - VaHses. Gt ïMumrcd- Tlie rubber ball . a Btrtklng artlcli - Uw harnmer. A ctnlldren'8 party- Santa Claus. ilis ïonl tihip- Diuunaren's yaoht. Fiiglitful- The chember of horrors. A iVmiüy kneed- Home-made bread. Bome mental Illncss- Qualms of oonMtence. Colilrst som in au oinniltiHXearest Uw pole. Hood's Cures Mr. Abner C. Folsom. Drake. Micti. After the Grip In Miserable Condition "I take this oppcrtunity to speakmy mind on the virtue of Hood's Sarsaparllla. I have íound that the grip uses elderly people pretty severely. I am sixty-nino yeai-9 oíd, and when the grip attacked me last winter I carne very near dyiug. 1 was all broken down and Reduced to a Mere Skeleton. I could not seem to gaiu any strength or getany medicine to help me. I was advlsed ito try Hood's Sarsaparllla. One bottle cured me ; built me up so that I do not fei'l any eLíect3 oí the diseasc left. My son Is takiug Hood's Sarsaparilla for liver and kidney trouhles and is recovering very raiiidly." A. C'. FoLSOM, p. m., ürake, Mich. HOOD'8 P1LL8 are purely vegetable, and do not piirge, paiu or gripe. Sokl by all druggists.


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